A Whisky connoisseur’s Chivas Regal experience


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Recently, one of our valuable customers, Mr. Divesh Tehlan, shopped at our store. When he came to know of our special offer of a saving of $8 on two bottles of fine Chivas Regal 12 year old blended Scotch Whisky, he enthusiastically went ahead and made the purchase. Being a Whisky connoisseur, he also shared with us his personal experience of this popular Whisky.

Chivas Regal 12 years old blended Scotch Whisky is one of the most classical and famous Scotch Whiskies, readily available in liquor outlets and premium boutiques worldwide. This Whisky has an aromatic melange of vanilla custard, citrus, hints of apples and cereal grains. It’s quite smooth on the palate, with mild flavours of sweet honey, creamy vanilla, applesauce and a creamy hit of barley malt too. However, it may taste somewhat bitter as it fades down your throat, with lingering notes of sweet cereals, malt and sea salt.

Described as the ‘blend for grown-ups’, it is underpowered but balanced. This is a very refined blended Scotch Whisky. Designed to be smooth and totally inoffensive, this Whisky is quite easy to drink. I would recommend that you experience this fine blend undiluted, but even if you prefer it ‘on the rocks’, this is a great drink to indulge in. It also makes some lip-smacking cocktails when combined with honeyed spice syrup, lemon, orange and other herbs and fruits. If you are a regular Scotch drinker, I recommend that you expand your horizons to Chivas 18 YO and Chivas 25 YO.

You can find this blended Scotch Whisky in India for $75 – $90 in retail stores. But I was lucky to be at the Kempegowda International Airport and pick up two bottles of this fine whisky at the Bengaluru Duty Free Store at the irresistible price of $70. “Two” good to be true, indeed.

Thanks for your valuable review, Mr. Tehlan. We certainly hope you visit our store again and check out many more of our excellent Scotch Whisky brands.

Ashish Gupta, winner of the Harley Davidson contest, speaks to us


We had a candid chat with Ashish, the winner of Jack Daniels’ lucky draw contest by Bengaluru Duty Free, operated by Nuance. He was the envy of the town when he rode home on a beastly Harley Davidson. Let’s read on to see what Ashish had to say about his experiences at Bengaluru Duty Free.

Tell us about your Bengaluru Duty Free shopping experience.

I enjoy shopping at the Bengaluru Duty Free store. There are a variety of genuine products to choose from, all at very affordable prices. They have fantastic offers and discounts as well. I like shopping here because they give you great variety and I’m always in a dilemma about what to buy, every time.

Is the store up to international standards like other Duty Free stores the world over?

Yes, the store is very attractive and it is one of the best places I have shopped at in airports. The products here are genuine and very affordable.  So yes, it’s fantastic!

How frequently do you shop at the Bengaluru Duty Free store?

I am a frequent shopper at the Bengaluru Duty Free store. I travel very often, so I shop there at least once in three months and I always make sure I drop by the store.

What did winning a Harley Davidson mean to you? How did you feel?

I honestly didn’t believe it at first, but later when it was confirmed to me, I was on top of the world. I was extremely happy to know that I won the bike. It’s a Harley Davidson! Not a lot of people own one. Things like this don’t usually happen to anyone often and actually winning the bike was a dream come true.

Would you like to add anything else?

I would like to thank Bengaluru Duty Free for picking me as the winner of the contest and also for giving me a good shopping experience every time.

So the next time you’re at the Kempegowda International Airport, do drop in at Bengaluru Duty Free and pick up genuine products at fabulous prices! We have offers on all the time and next time, you could be the lucky one. 

Interview with Vipin Gupta, winner of Jack Daniel’s lucky draw contest


We, at the Bengaluru Duty Free store, enjoy a close and intimate relationship with our customers. Recently, we had a chat with Mr. Vipin Gupta, the winner of Jack Daniel’s lucky draw contest and now the proud owner of a Gibson guitar. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

How was your shopping experience at the BDF store?

I always have a good experience shopping at the store because I get genuine products at very affordable prices and it is easy shopping here, since all the best quality brands are available here and I need not go elsewhere to experience the same.

What did you find most attractive about our store?

First of all, the store looks good, and the products are great, which is the best part of the shopping experience here.

Would you like BDF to make any changes to improve your shopping experience?

No, I don’t feel that anything needs to be changed. I am actually very happy that the store has changed its old method of giving their products in plastic carry bags and now use better quality cloth carry bags, which are very good and environmentally friendly. I am happy about that.

How frequently do you shop at the Bengaluru Duty Free store?

I am a frequent shopper at the Bengaluru Duty Free store. At least three to four times a year, I shop at this store.

How did it feel to participate in the contest and win the prize?

It was a very special moment for me when I won such a prize and I am very honoured and happy.

One line that describes duty free shopping.

Duty free shopping at Bengaluru Duty Free is hassle-free shopping with genuine products at very affordable rates.

There you have it. Vipin Gupta has given his verdict.

Stop by the Bengaluru Duty Free store before or after your next international flight and be the next lucky person to win fabulous prizes. There is something new for everyone.