Words with our winners #1


Rohit Oberoi, winner of The Great Vacation Hunt contest, had a few words to share with us! Read on to see his candid take on Bengaluru Duty Free and winning the contest.

 “I am a very frequent visitor on the Bengaluru Duty Free Facebook page, ever since my friends told me about it. I have enjoyed playing most of the games on the page and they are all fantastic. I have enjoyed each and every one of them. But my favourite of all was The Great Vacation Hunt contest, which I was lucky to win. It was a very fun and exciting game and what made more overjoyed was when I found out that I was the winner.

The games I have played are very interesting and I never miss sharing them with my friends so they can try them out too. I hope I can visit the Bengaluru Duty Free store in the future, because I haven’t been to the store, though my friends have told me it’s a very beautiful store. I will surely visit the store soon and shop my heart out. Thank you Bengaluru Duty Free for picking me as the winner of the contest.”


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