Words with our winners #2

Santoshkumar Manickam photo

Santoshkumar Manickam talks about winning the Explorer’s Surprise contest.

Congratulations on being our lucky winner. How do you feel about winning the Explorer’s Surprise contest? 

I am very delighted and happy to have won. I have been trying to win for a long time and have played most of your games. Now that I’ve finally won, I’m very happy.  

How did you get to know about our Facebook page and how did you like our games so far? 

I got to know about the page from one of my friends, who had participated in one of Bengaluru Duty Free’s games. So I found the page, saw this contest happening and started playing right away. I like all the games I have played so far. I look forward to playing more regularly, more so because I finally won. 

Have you visited the Bengaluru Duty Free store? 

No, unfortunately I haven’t been to the store yet. I will surely be visiting the store very soon. I have seen pictures of the store on its Facebook page and it looks wonderful.  

What would you like to say to Bengaluru Duty Free? 

Bengaluru Duty Free, thank you very much for picking me as the winner of the contest. I will look forward to participating in all your games in the future and I hope I’m lucky enough to win again! Thank you Bengaluru Duty Free for the fantastic prize you’ve sent me. 

Why buy duty free?


Image source: http://www.thenuancegroup.com/global_presence/Asia/Nuance-India-awarded-a-five-year-concession-contract-at-Bengaluru-International-Airport.html

Who doesn’t love a good deal, right? And if you can get the most coveted brands in the world at deals that you can only fantasize about, well, you’d be frantically trying to find out where this magical shop was so you could get there and shop till your credit cards max out. The good news is that this is the stuff of reality! Welcome to duty free shopping.

At Bengaluru Duty Free, one of India’s finest duty free shopping destinations, you can get up to 160% savings on liquor and up to 30% savings on perfumes and cosmetics, something that would make even those who aren’t shopping enthusiasts take notice and start exploring. And these are just two product categories.

Now on to exploring the huge variety of brands stocked at Bengaluru Duty Free. Let’s start with liquors. The duty free store stocks everything from champagne, wines, blended and single malt Scotch whiskies, gin, brandy, vodka, rum, tequila, cognac, liqueurs… the list goes on. All the famous international, iconic brands from Dom Perignon to Glenfiddich, Absolut, Moet & Chandon, Cointreau, Hennessy, Bacardi and more are stocked on rows of shelves, making the liquor aisle a veritable drinker’s paradise. Then there are chocolates: Toblerone, Guylian, Milka, Cadbury, Daim, Goldkenn, Frey and other international favourites are available. In the perfumes and cosmetics section, you have leading brands such as Lancôme, Gucci, Prada, Versace, Nina Ricci, Armani, Chanel, Bvlgari, and many more, coveted by both sexes. For fans of technology, Bengaluru Duty Free stocks everything from LCD/LED TVs, cameras, headphones, speakers and other high end equipment from brands like Sony, Nikon, Bose, Skullcandy, Sennheiser, JBL and others.

Can you think of a retail store with so many international brands under one roof?

There are some special benefits of buying a product duty free at Bengaluru Duty Free that you must consider. Most liquor products are 1 litre in volume, as opposed to the 750ml units you’d find in retail stores across the city. So that’s more savings.

Another unique feature of duty free shopping at Bengaluru Duty Free is that you can pre-order your favourite products online at the Bengaluru Duty Free website -http://planetsurfcreations.com/BengaluruDutyFree/index.aspx and pick them up either when you are travelling in or out of the country.

Bengaluru Duty Free presents: The Xbox One


Image source: http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/video-games/microsoft-reveals-xbox-one-new-generation-console-f6C10009350

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s PS4. It features massive improvements over its predecessor, the Xbox 360. The One is more than just a gaming console; it is a holistic multimedia device with a fast and powerful interface, the ability to stream TV and video in a dual-screen format while playing games, Skype messaging, voice command operations, face recognition, and many more high-end features. However, the most impressive of these in this cutting-edge gaming device is the new Kinect, with 1080p camera and a very large field of view and the Windows 8 UI, among many other delightful features. This brand new gaming console from Microsoft is sure to be treasured by gamers.

The Xbox One is  available now for the first time in India, exclusively at Bengaluru Duty Free’s Sound & Vision – Arrivals store at the incredibly low price of $640 (approximately Rs. 38,000). Go grab yours today and prepare for a gaming experience beyond your wildest fantasies!