Words with our winners #2

Santoshkumar Manickam photo

Santoshkumar Manickam talks about winning the Explorer’s Surprise contest.

Congratulations on being our lucky winner. How do you feel about winning the Explorer’s Surprise contest? 

I am very delighted and happy to have won. I have been trying to win for a long time and have played most of your games. Now that I’ve finally won, I’m very happy.  

How did you get to know about our Facebook page and how did you like our games so far? 

I got to know about the page from one of my friends, who had participated in one of Bengaluru Duty Free’s games. So I found the page, saw this contest happening and started playing right away. I like all the games I have played so far. I look forward to playing more regularly, more so because I finally won. 

Have you visited the Bengaluru Duty Free store? 

No, unfortunately I haven’t been to the store yet. I will surely be visiting the store very soon. I have seen pictures of the store on its Facebook page and it looks wonderful.  

What would you like to say to Bengaluru Duty Free? 

Bengaluru Duty Free, thank you very much for picking me as the winner of the contest. I will look forward to participating in all your games in the future and I hope I’m lucky enough to win again! Thank you Bengaluru Duty Free for the fantastic prize you’ve sent me. 


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