Bruichladdich: A familiar name for Islay Malt lovers

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Bruichladdich (pronounced Brook-la-dee) is a Scottish distillery manufacturing peaty Single Malt Scotch Whiskies in the isle of Islay in Scotland. The name is Gaelic for ‘stony shore bank’, reminding one of the rocky shores along the coast of Islay. This distillery was built by a dynastic Scottish family of three brothers, William, John and Robert Harvey in 1881 on the shore of Loch Indaal on the Rinns of Islay.

Let’s take a look at the variety of single malts manufactured by this eminent distillery. We start with Bruichladdich Rocks, the cheapest whisky from the company, which master distiller Jim McEwan says is ‘just a young, non-aged whisky that was put on the market to take some of the heat off the older stocks.’ Then there is The Organic, also a young whisky where the organic barley was pronounced to produce a distinct taste to make up for the lack of ageing. Then comes the Port Charlotte Peat Project, an attempt to create a smoky peaty Whisky in the traditional style of Islay Whiskies. The Port Charlotte Peat Project was refined to bring out the Port Charlotte PC7, a seven-year old version of Port Charlotte, marketed as a collector’s edition.

Then came the Laddie Ten, the distillery’s most celebrated 10-year-old. A non-chill filtered spirit that washes sublimely over the palate, this drink is a true achievement in the elite world of Single Malts, and is testament to Bruichladdich’s distillers’ craft. This bottle is today snapped up by connoisseurs and collectors alike. Not long after The Laddie was introduced, the distillery was taken over by Remy Cointreau of France.

Today, one of Bruichladdich’s most famous products is the Octomore, the most heavily-peated barley Whisky ever. Casked in the finest oak possible and mixed with Sauterne, one of the sweetest wines available, the Whisky gives off a plethora of aromas and flavours, of peat smoke, leather, tobacco, mint toffee, and more, creating a very surreal impression on the palate. Only around 18,000 bottles of this exotic Whisky have been manufactured and distributed worldwide since its release in 2012.

Another Whisky of note is Black Art, introduced first in 1989 by master distiller Jim McEwan using his own secret recipe. To this date, no one has been able to decrypt the mystery of this beguiling drink’s recipe and flavours.

All these superb Single Malts are available now at Bengaluru Duty Free, Bangalore’s best duty free shopping destination at the Kempegowda International Airport at duty free prices.

These are the Bruichladdich Single Malts available at Bengaluru Duty Free, and their prices:

Scottish Barley – $88
Bere Barley – $79
Octomore – $174
Black Art – $316
Port Charlotte – $143

So the next time you have friends over and want to give them a great time they will remember forever, open a bottle of Bruichladdich and enter a special realm of taste, aroma and perfection.


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