A World without Duty Free


Image source: http://bit.ly/1l2seST

International brands, luxury products, 24 hour shopping and buying gifts are the things which come to everybody’s mind when planning an international trip. As a frequent traveller, you get to experience the joy of shopping for international luxury brands at duty free stores at international airports.

A duty free store is a destination to get top international brands from all corners of the world. Various product categories at considerably lesser prices than downtown stores attract travellers. But have you ever wondered what travelling would be like if there were no duty free stores? What would the World be like without duty free shopping?

Limited access to international brands

One major fantasy of modern travellers is to acquire renowned international brands that they read about only in glossy fashion magazines or browse on fashion websites. If you are a brand loyalist for a high-end brand that is not easy to get at your local lifestyle store and you’d love an opportunity to shop when travelling abroad, you’d find it really hard without a duty free store that allows you a range of products under one roof, to choose from.

Heavy taxes on branded products

Even if you find your favourite brands in city retail stores, you will shop sparingly, because your favourite international brands will burn a hole in your pocket, as the prices for such products are sky high. VAT, import tax, and other taxes add to make up the incredibly high prices of these brands at local retail outlets.

Travelling won’t be as much fun

Travelling is always fun when shopping is a part of your itinerary. For some, travelling without shopping is quite a boring affair. Duty free stores at the airport are the best places to kill time before your flight or to pick up gifts. Would waiting in transit be as much fun if you didn’t have anything to do?

Gifts will be expensive

Everyone likes to meet their colleagues or loved ones after a trip with a surprise gift. At duty free stores, you have the freedom to pick up gifts for those waiting for you back home, without any hassle. In addition, these stores have great discounts and offers on wide categories, so you can conveniently buy gifts for kids, your better half, a business associate, your boss, friends, etc. Without duty free stores, you will allot time on your precious travel itinerary to make time for shopping and not to mention, also pay a fortune for the same.

Not much variety

Duty free stores give you the joy and pleasure of shopping for a wide range of products from a number of global brands. You can pick up products like gadgets, liquors, perfumes, chocolates, fashion accessories and much more from famous international luxury brands. Now imagine shopping from different shops, at different places, spending time on comparisons and maybe even spending more than you want. Would you want to go through all that trouble?

So yes, international travel would not the same without duty free shops.



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