Diwali Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

We think it is time for you to move away from the daily grind of car honks, traffic, pollution and deadlines and take some time out for the better things in life. A long weekend is coming your way; don’t waste it on the same old city life. Instead, try the various travel opportunities available to you around Bangalore. You could take a trip back to the past by visiting a historical site, you could experience how truly beautiful nature is by visiting a hill station, you could wake up the adventurer in you by going for a trek with friends…the list goes on. So many places, so much to do. There is no reason why you should waste your break stuck in the same place.

We bring to you a list of ideal Diwali weekend getaways that are perfect for this long break.

Within 100kms:



Image source: http://trekkerpedia.com/2013/06/savanadurga-hill-trek-manchanbele-dam-weekend-gateway-bangalore/manchanbele-dam-and-savanadurga-in-the-background/

The Manchanbele dam, surrounded by the Savandurga hills, is located 50 kms from Bangalore and is a great option for a quick getaway. The amazing sunset experiences and bird watching opportunities here will make you feel in sync with nature. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, then trekking to the hills is a great idea. Water activities like kayaking and raft building are also a popular choice among visitors to the dam.



Image source: http://www.filmapia.com/tourism/locations/ramanagaram

Located 50 kms from Bangalore, Ramangaram is known as the Silk City due to its harvest of high quality silk. The city is also popular as Ramgarh, the place depicted in the famous Bollywood movie ‘Sholay’. Ramanagaram is surrounded by seven hills that are home to exotic species of birds like the yellow throated bulbuls. The hilly landscape of the city also provides ample adventure sports opportunities, including rock climbing and trekking.

Nandi Hills


Image source: http://www.indiantravels.com/Karnataka/Bangalore/Photos/Nandi-Hills

If you are looking for an experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and exhilarated, then Nandi Hills is the place for you. The hills, located 60 kms from Bangalore, offer gorgeous scenic locales and are a great choice for trekking activities. Nandi Hills is also a historical site where the ruins of Tipu Sultan’s fort can be found.



Image source: http://www.toursandphotos.com/viewpicture.aspx?image=photos/Anthargange-Karnataka-Hills-Beautiful-Image4.jpg&phototitle=Anthargange%20Karnataka%20Hills%20Beautiful%20Image

Located about 68 kms from Bangalore, Anthargange is a site you should visit if you are fond of exploring natural geographic formations. At Anthargange, you will be welcomed by a range of hills that are home to many ancient caves and spectacular rock formations. While here, you can also carry out rock climbing and trekking expeditions.

Within 200 kms:



Image source: http://www.wikiwand.com/en/Srirangapatna

If you are keen on learning about Indian culture and exploring historical sites, then you should give the town of Srirangapatna a visit. Situated at a distance of 128 kms from Bangalore, the town consists of beautiful temples that represent the Hoysala and Vijaynagara form of architecture.



Image source: http://www.tripadvisor.in/Attraction_Review-g297628-d2501062-Reviews-Sangama_at_Mecedatu-Bangalore_Karnataka.html

As the name suggests, this is a location where you can view the breathtaking site of the confluence of two rivers, Kaveri and Arkavati. Sangama is located 130 kms from Bangalore and makes a great weekend getaway for those who want to experience the beauty of nature in peace and quiet.



Image source: http://www.thrillophilia.com/top-25-temples-of-india

Located 143 kms from Bangalore, Sravanabelagola is a pilgrimage site that is home to the world’s largest monolithic structure. The magnificent Gomateshwara statue, standing at 17.5 metres high, represents a deity worshipped by Jains. The sheer beauty and grandeur of the statue makes Sravanabelagola a place worth visiting.

Hogenakal Waterfalls


Image source: http://www.meetup.com/great-hyderabad-adventure-club/events/174447632/

These falls, flowing majestically on to the Kaveri river, are known to be among the oldest in India. Located around 180 kms from Bangalore, they are a sight of nature that one shouldn’t miss. The strong rush of water along with its gushing sound will definitely be a treat for any nature lover. Apart from its sheer beauty, the falls are also known for their medicinal value and boat riding opportunities.

Above 200kms:



Image source: http://industrialtour.com/yercaud-industrial-visit/

Located 228 kms from Bangalore, Yercaud is a scenic hill station within the district of Salem. The experience at Yercaud is often described as magical and uplifting because of the gorgeous locales one can find here. While here, you should visit the beautiful Yercaud lake, take a stroll through the botanical garden and visit the highest point – the Servarayan Temple.



Image source: http://www.guitarstreet.in/tours/kabini/pl

If you want to see nature and the wild living in harmony, Kabini is the place you need to visit. Located 229 kms from Bangalore, Kabini lets you experience natural wilderness through elephant rides, jeep safaris and boat rides on the Kabini River. If you are lucky, you may also end up spotting a beautiful tiger as part of your safari.



Image source: http://www.wikiwand.com/en/Wayanad_district

The perfect place to visit for some calm relaxation this Diwali is Wayanad. Located 265 kms from Bangalore at the foothills of the Western Ghats, Wayanad is a paradise for nature lovers who enjoy quiet. Covered by a cooling blanket of fog, the lush green hills surround you in their embrace to make you feel lighter than ever.



Image source: http://eventsbengaluru.com/2012/06/13/chikmagalur-more-than-coffee-plantations/

Situated 280 kms from Bangalore, Chikmagalur is a haven for anyone who wants to take a break from the hectic city life and find some relaxation by exploring nature. The town of Chikmagalur boasts of beautiful coffee plantations, lush green surroundings, magnificent hilly landscapes, streams and waterfalls. Everything beautiful in nature can be found in this town, which makes it a perfect place to visit this long weekend.

You have the perfect list; now it’s time to celebrate the perfect Diwali. Have a great trip!


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