Chocolates we all love!

Someone once said: A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands.

If you love chocolate, as much as we do, then Bengaluru Duty Free is the place to find a delectable chocolate collection.

The store’s collection boasts of excellent chocolates from world-famous brands such as Toblerone, Goldkenn, Godiva, Guylian, Cadbury, Ferrero, and more.

Let us take you on a sweet journey and introduce you to some of the finest chocolates you can cherish when you shop at Bengaluru Duty Free.



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Godiva is a name synonymous with luxury and quality. This manufacturer of premium chocolates and confectioneries since 1926,  has chocolates filled with truffles, pralines, and other exotic ingredients that melt in your mouth and are pure ecstasy for your palate.

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Take the Coeur Iconique Grand, for instance. Featuring 14 exquisite chocolates containing the best nuts, including almonds, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans and more, this heart-shaped gift box is a beautiful symbol of love and something that tells your loved one you cherish them dearly.



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Another Belgian maker of masterpieces to grace this list is Guylian. Founded in 1960 by Guy Foubert, the name is a combination of Guy’s and his wife Liliane’s names. Guylian produces some of the most artistically made chocolates, some of them in exotic shapes like seashells, seahorses, conches and more.

guylian 2

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A classic case of having the best of everything is when you purchase the Guylian Le Gourmet Assortment box for yourself or a loved one. Containing a selection of Guylian’s finest pralines, including Sea Shells Original Praline, Opus Belgian pralines and La Truffina, this collection is sure to warm the heart while pleasing the tastebuds.



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Goldkenn is indeed ‘pure gold’ in a chocolate. This renowned Swiss brand’s signature chocolate is the Goldbar, a thick, rich slab of delicious milk chocolate wrapped in a stunning pure gold-coloured pack; the chocolate is, in fact, a replica of the 12.5 kg bullion bar stored in Swiss bank vaults. The Goldbar is the perfect blend of luxury and smooth taste.

goldkenn 2

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Bengaluru Duty Free’s Goldkenn collection includes other beautifully packed Goldkenn classics, such as the Goldkenn Gold Van, a gold-coloured chocolate box shaped like an armoured treasury van, or the cute Goldkenn Bear with Cape, a cuddly teddy with a sash with a pendant of Goldkenn Gold Cash chocolates around its neck.



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Frey has the distinction of being a 100 per cent Swiss chocolate, in that every step in the manufacture of the chocolate is done in Switzerland itself. Frey’s chocolates are known for their authentic Swiss milk richness and smooth taste, and also for their exquisite creations like chocolate-coated marshmallows, and one of their most famous creations, the chocolate Easter bunnies.

frey 2

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Bengaluru Duty Free boasts of some great goodies from Frey, including the Mini Chocolates Assorted pack, the Chocobloc Assorted pack containing five great Frey creations ranging from exquisite dark chocolate with 72% cocoa to a wonderful honey-almond-nougat blend, and more.



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Lindt’s Maîtres Chocolatiers are real masters of their craft, and this shows in their fabulous creations. Sample the Assorted Napolitains, a mouth-watering collection of milk, white, dark and hazelnut chocolates for a chocolate experience par excellence. Or try the Lindor chocolate truffles, some of the most delectable chocolate truffles in the world, in the form of chocolate cornets, chocolate cubes and more.


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Fancy a tube of Lindor Balls with irresistibly smooth chocolate filling in perfect round balls? Or a classy Lindor Swiss Alps box with a lovely picture of the Matterhorn? Or the Lindt Churn Gold, an exquisite Swiss milk can-shaped chocolate box filled with 6 varieties of Lindt naps? The true chocophile can experience these and other tantalizing Lindt delicacies at Bengaluru Duty Free.

These are just some of the superb chocolate brands and varieities available at Bengaluru Duty Free. Visit our duty free store today for an experience of pure chocolate heaven. Alternately, visit and check out our awesome chocolate collection and pre-order your favourites.


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