Bengaluru Duty Free’s most exclusive Single Malts

Bengaluru Duty Free has some of the most coveted Single Malts from renowned makers like Balvenie, Dalmore, Glenfiddich, Glenrothes, Buichladdich, Macallan and Talisker. Each of these Single Malts deserves pride of place in a true connoisseur’s collection and would be perfect to raise a toast to life’s most glorious events.

Let us take a look at some of the finest Single Malts stocked at Bengaluru Duty Free.

The Dalmore Ceti 30 Year Old

dalmore ceti

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After 23 long years maturing in hand-selected American white oak ex-bourbon barrels, this exquisite spirit continues its journey in 30-year-old Matusalem oloroso sherry butts sourced from the world renowned bodega Gonzalez Byass. Only after a further seven years of storage is the Whisky ready to be released from its aromatic cask, creating a 30-year-old Malt of unrivalled quality.

This excellent Single Malt is available at the guaranteed best price of $1,658 at Bengaluru Duty Free. Pre-order it today at

The Balvenie 30 Year Old

Picture 188

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The Balvenie 30 Year Old was a gold medal winner at the 2004 International Wine and Spirits Competition, with good reason. This rare and fine Single Malt has been crafted from specially selected barrels by Malt Master David Stewart, resulting in a rich, silky smooth honeyed Scotch Whisky. The Whisky has a nose of mellow oaky tones and hints of candied orange peel, giving a taste of great depth with rich dark chocolate, hints of plum, marzipan and caramelised pear.

This heady Scotch is available for purchase at Bengaluru Duty Free at the guaranteed best price of $780. Pre-order it at

Glenfiddich 25 Year Old Rare Oak

glenfiddich 25 yo

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Matured in European Sherry butts and American Bourbon barrels for a rich, sophisticated character and remarkable depth of flavour, the Glenfiddich Rare Oak 25 Year Old is married together in small batches to create a truly luxurious and velvety smooth Single Malt. Over two and a half decades of careful maturation results in a complex and intriguing Whisky that’s a real treat for the discerning palate. This prestigious Single Malt exudes flavours of vanilla with just a hint of spice.

Experience the perfect Scotch at Bengaluru Duty Free at the unbeatable price of $435. Pre-order it at

The Glenrothes Oldest Reserve

glenrothes oldest reserve

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The Glenrothes Oldest Reserve is the oldest of four multi-vintage expressions distilled in different years. It has a sweet, oaky aroma with hints of lime, marmalade and luscious dried fruits. This rich Whisky is creamy, velvety smooth and slightly spicy.

Get the Glenrothes Oldest Reserve at Bengaluru Duty Free at the extraordinarily competitive price of $325. Pre-order it at

Bruichladdich Black Art 4

bruichladdich black art 4

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Working with the very finest American and French oak to explore that most esoteric relationship between spirit and wood, the Bruichladdich Black Art is Master Distiller Jim McEwan’s personal voyage into the heart of Bruichladdich. The marriage of the spirit from casks known only to the blender has created a sensational texture, both sleek and suggestive. Lose yourself in the sweet, fruity, mellow oakiness of this bewitching spirit.

Try the Bruichladdich Black Art 4 at Bengaluru Duty Free at the attractive price of $316. Pre-order today at

The Macallan Estate Reserve

macallan estate reserve

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This stunning edition from Macallan, from its 1824 collection, is made in special sherry-seasoned hoggies and bottled at 80 UK proof. The Whisky has a magnitude of flavor and great depth, though its fragrance alludes to something softer and sweeter with fruits, ginger, vanilla and citrus playing large roles. The palate is consumed with citrus and wood in a rich texture.

Savour the Macallan Estate Reserve at Bengaluru Duty Free at the value-for-money price of $249. Pre-order it today at

Talisker 18 Year Old

talisker 18 yo

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The Talisker 18 Year Old is a masterpiece from one of Scotland’s greatest distilleries, and was named ‘Best Single Malt Whisky in the World’ at the World Whiskies Awards in 2007. It has a stunning balance of peat, spice and sweetness. Its flavours and aromas build up in the glass to reveal the true beauty and character of malts from the Isle of Skye.

Sip this excellent Scotch today and relish the taste of a truly great Single Malt. Pre-order it at at the best price of $220.


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