How to wear a perfume during winter

Winter has already set in and people are bringing out their woollens to keep them nice and warm. Just as we change our wardrobes for the season, we should also change the perfumes we wear to adapt to the season. So how should you wear a perfume in this weather?

You need to keep a few sensational perfumes that you prefer for the winter away, so that you can bring them out at the right time. However, this is only a very tiny part of the process of wearing perfumes in the winter.

Keep in mind these points to complement your wardrobe with the perfect fragrances and smell your sensual best.

Deep in concentration


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In the cooler months it is understood that you should cover up more as the skin does not heat up as much. So don’t be surprised if your scent comes off as a little muted. You should start with fragrances that have a high concentration. This is because you will find in winter that the extra intensity of the perfume will help get through all the layers of clothing, without help from the warm skin.

Pick the right location


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You should never spray on the same old spots and expect the same result. Longer sleeves and higher necklines will cover the neck and wrists, not allowing the scent to diffuse properly. In this case, one should always add fragrance dimensions to the clothing. You should line your clothing with the scent so when you’re indoors and remove the layers, the scent spreads. Another option is to get a little creative. To get the complete perfume effect in winter, you will have to spray several different spots to get the maximum out of the fragrance. “Your wrists, your navel, somewhere on your neck and even the back of the knees” says Fragrance Evaluator Erica Moore. Also, wearing the fragrance at the nape of the neck is a good option because the warmth of the skin can diffuse the perfume and it also creates a nice effect when the hair is moved.

Scents and sensibility

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As our fashion tastes change, so should our preferences in fragrances. Personal choices always play a bigger role in choosing a fragrance, but there are certain notes that can create a sense of warmth and comfort. Spices, amber woods, vanilla, praline, caramel and chocolate all tend to make us feel much warmer. So exotic spices and bold scents are perfect in the winter to create a feeling of sensuality.

What kind of fragrance to wear in the season


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Floral fragrances: One should always look for perfumes with floral orientals or floral warm powdery notes to wear to suit the winter climate.

Spicy fragrances: You can also go for spicy notes in rich soft orientals or woody orientals. This will give off a more deep and resonant effect.

Citrus fragrances: If you love citrus scents, you can try some of the fresher woods and dry woods fragrances with dominant citrus notes.

Oriental fragrances: If you love oriental fragrances you can go for more intense oriental fragrances or anything from the woody oriental family.

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