Featured gadget of the month: Bose SoundTouch 20

Ever thought of streaming music throughout your home from your favourite radio stations, artists and music streaming applications with absolute ease? The universe of streaming music is massive, with millions of songs to play and choose from. What if you had a device that could let you stream your favourite music with just one touch? Bengaluru Duty Free has the ideal product for you!

We bring you the Bose SoundTouch 20

Bose SoundTouch 20

Image source: http://www.bose.com/controller?url=/shop_online/wifi_music_systems/soundtouch_music/soundtouch_20/index.jsp

The Bose SoundTouch 20 is a one of a kind product designed and created to suit the needs of music lovers all over the world. With the availability of increasingly popular music services like Deezer, Pandora, Spotify and iHeartRadio, the SoundTouch 20 can stream music in rich full range sound anywhere in your home. If you have a Wi-Fi router at home, then you’re ready for a dazzling music experience. The speaker will connect directly to your network quickly and easily. It has six customisable presets which allow you to play your favourite stations and artists instantly. The best part is, your music will be available at just one touch, with no syncing or docking.

Performance that will move you

This fantastic device comes with dual opposing passive radiators with four low profile drivers for clear and full sound that belies a system this small. A strong rechargeable lithium ion battery gives you the pleasure of listening to music for hours. You can also carry this system from room to room with ease and enjoy quality sound.

This is not just another speaker

The SoundTouch 20 is an entirely new and innovative way to stream music in and around your home easier than ever before. Now you don’t have to use your computer to listen to your favourite music at home because SoundTouch will connect directly to your favourite channels and songs and play them instantly.

Music is one touch away

People have varied tastes in music. Keeping this is mind; the SoundTouch 20 was created differently from regular speakers. It has six unique presets that can be easily set or changed with the free SoundTouch app. And with just one touch of a button, your favourite music will play. This approach has made it so user friendly that handling it is almost as easy as turning on a light.

Powerful SoundTouch app

This incredible app was designed to make it easy for users to manage their music on their SoundTouch devices. It is as simple as dragging and dropping music from your favourite source. However, if you want to check out music from your six presets, you will need to connect it to your computer, mobile device or tablet to explore a wider range of music.

Built for multi-room audio

If you love music so much that you want it to flow through your home then the SoundTouch 20 is the device for you. It can be used for small and portable speakers as well as for outdoor systems and home theatres.  You can start with any SoundTouch system and add them wherever you like. These systems work together to create a multi-room listening experience so you can listen to your music everywhere or even listen to different music in different rooms.

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