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With Christmas fast approaching, the festive spirit is in the air and gifting is the watchword of the season. At Bengaluru Duty Free, we stock some of the best brands and products from all across the world at prices that are an undeniable steal. With over 350 products in liquors, over 1200 perfumes and cosmetics, over 100 electronic gadgets, over 200 different varieties of chocolates and over 20 varieties of fashion accessories listed on our website itself, we wouldn’t be surprised if you feel spoiled for choice.

Under one roof, you can browse and purchase products from the US, UK, France, Italy, Sweden, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Switzerland, The Caribbean, Scotland, Mexico, and more. Shopping with us is like entering a unified world market for the most premium products at bargain prices.

So given the variety of choice, we know how challenging shopping for the right gifts can be! To make it easier for you, we’ve outlined some of the best products in our various categories with our recommendations. Happy gift shopping!

Christmas gifts for men

A classic Single Malt

Some of the most coveted liquors in the world, Single Malts are priced for their rarity as much as for their refined taste. Some of our prized Single Malts include The Glenlivet Malt 12 Year Old, The Glenfiddich Ancient Reserve 18 Year Old, The Balvenie 12 Year Old Triple Cask, Lagavulin 16 Year Old, The Glenlivet Master Distiller’s Reserve and The Macallan Select Oak Malt.       

glenfiddich ancient reserve 18 yo

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We recommend: The Glenfiddich Ancient Reserve 18 Year Old. With its intriguing flavours of zesty grapefruit, baked toffee apples, oak, cinnamon, candied fruits, ginger and dry Sherry, it packs quite a punch on the palate. This Single Malt won the Gold Medal at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC), 2013 as well as the Silver Outstanding Medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC), 2012.

Pre-order today for the attractive price of $95 at

A music enthusiast’s dream headphones

If he is the type that charges up instantly on good music, then you can’t do better than to gift him an excellent set of headphones. We have over 70 different headphones from different brands at our store ideal to take him into a world of sonic purity. Some of our bestsellers include the Bose QuietComfort 15, the Bose QuietComfort 20, the Sennheiser Momentum and the Sennheiser PX100 III.

bose quietcomfort 15

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We recommend: The Bose QuietComfort 15. With its extra comfortable design, improved sound and highly effective noise-cancelling circuitry, you will immerse yourself in the music and forget the world. This model offers the best sound and silencing capabilities in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

Available at our store for only $319, pre-order now at

Shades of glory

Sunglasses are a great accessory not just because they shield your eyes from the bright sun, but also because they make you look good. Bengaluru Duty Free has a fine collection of shades from iconic brands like Ray-Ban, Police, Oakley and more. Some of our best specimens include the Ray-Ban ORB3025 002/58, the Oakley GT Garage Rock Matte Black Dark Bronze and Police S8743 Razor 1 349P Polarized Brown Gold.

oakley sunglassesImage source:

We recommend: The Oakley GT Garage Rock Matte Black Dark Bronze. These stylish shades pay homage to the classic Rock era of the ‘60s with its loud electric guitar riffs and solos, rock icons and bohemian lifestyle. The frame is very durable and made of lightweight O Matter™ frame material for all-day comfort. The sunglasses are designed with High Definition Optics (HDO) that set the standard for optical clarity, visual fidelity and impact resistance.

Buy this at at the equally cool price of $103.

Christmas gifts for women

Satisfy her chocolate cravings

Women love chocolates. Period.

We have a delicious range of chocolates that make for some of the most delectable gifts for her. Some of the most scrumptious delicacies in our assortment include Lindt Assorted Napolitains, Toblerone Tiny Milk Bag, Mars Mixed Fun Size Bag and After Eight Variety Sharing Bag.

lindt assorted napolitains
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We recommend: Lindt Assorted Napolitains. The Napolitans chocolate box contains an assortment of individually wrapped squares. With milk, white, dark and hazelnut chocolates enjoy a real tasting experience.

Treat yourself to a 1000g box of this fabulous chocolate at the very reasonable price of $48 at

A Champagne for all occasions

This Christmas, give her a sparkling surprise with a bottle of fantastic Champagne from our store. Our delicious selection includes the Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut, the Dom Perignon Blanc, the Laurent-Perrier Brut and more.

moet & chandon imperial brut

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We recommend: The Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut with its perfect balance of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier, has become one of the world’s most-loved Champagnes. ‘Moet’ is characterised by bright fruitiness and elegant maturity. The palate reveals subtle pear, citrus and brioche notes. It is the ideal gift for a sophisticated and special woman.

This fantastic Champagne is available to pre-order on our website at the irresistible price of only $55. Go to .

A perfume that evokes grace and elegance

Nothing evokes a sense of sensuous glamour and sophistication like an elegant and subtle perfume. We offer some of the best fragrances for women, and our bestsellers include global favourites like Davidoff Cool Water Woman Sea Rose EDT, CK Sheer Beauty Essence EDT and Dior Miss Dior EDT.

miss dior

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We recommend: Dior Miss Dior. A perfume that inspires love and romance, Dior’s Miss Dior, whose original version was launched as far back as 1947 by Christian Dior, is an audacious chypre with a citrusy freshness and a jasmine heart. Containing notes of Italian Mandarin Essence, Egyptian Jasmine Absolute and Indonesian Patchouli Essence, this perfume is the epitome of elegance, luxury and spectacular creativity.

Pre-order this delicate fragrance today for the superb price of just $73 at

Christmas gifts for young ones

A perfect console for gaming fans

We have dream toys for avid gamers in the form of the Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 3. Surprise your kid with one of these fantastic devices and watch their winter holidays go by in a flash.

playstation 3Image source: 

We recommend: The Sony PlayStation 3. This console is for gamers who want to set out on incredible journeys through immersive new worlds. With an outstanding line-up of games including Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and more, the PS3 is every gamer’s delight.

This incredible console is available with two free games at for the fantastic price of $329.

A chocolacious Christmas surprise

All kids enjoy multi-flavoured chocolates and candies, and Bengaluru Duty Free offers a variety of sweet choices. Some of our classics include the Smarties Mickey and Friends Figurine Box, the Mars Mixed Fun Size Bag and Toblerone Fruit & Nut.

mars mixed fun size bag

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We recommend: The Mars Mixed Fun Size Bag. Imagine if you could get all your favourite chocolates in one pack. The Mars Mixed Fun Size Bag, with its collection of mini bars of Mars, Snickers, Bounty and Milky Way, is perfect for providing a variety of chocolate flavours that will keep the young ones mesmerized.

Get this goodie bag for just $24 at


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