The psychology of an airport shopper

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When you think about airports in the most basic sense, it is a port that allows you to board planes for travel from one destination to another. But over the years, airports have become much more than that. They have transformed into a tourist destination in themselves and act as a recreational centre in many ways based on the long list of amenities they provide. One such revolutionary recreational activity that airports have created is duty free shopping.

Every day, thousands of travellers in airports all over the world engage in airport shopping. Yes that’s right, shopping at airports has almost become a norm when it comes to travelling. Why has airport shopping become such a phenomenon? Well, there are psychological reasons behind it. Read ahead to find out.

Break free from monotony

 break from monotony

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One of the main reasons for shopping while travelling is to gain a break from the monotony of normal day-to-day sights. Shopping activities that are exaggerated in terms of themes, designs, look, feel and location act as a good source of change. Engaging in the shopping process in lavish and visually appealing airport duty free shops acts as an experience by itself for many people.

Price. Convenience. Assortment. Quality. Service.

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Airport duty free shops offer shoppers the benefit of great prices, a wide variety of products, trusted quality brands and the general convenience of everything being at one place. With such positives, there is no surprise that thousands of travellers are attracted to the aura of an airport shop. Another important plus point is the service provided by the staff at these shops. They are highly professional, efficient, multilingual, friendly and quick in processes, which makes the whole shopping experience very comfortable and stress-free for travellers.

Social motivations

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Airport shopping satisfies the need to meet and interact with new people, develop a sense of comfort in new places and generally get acquainted with people who share similar interests. Additionally, travellers also get to interact with the salespeople who make an effort to ensure the comfort of all travellers, giving one the feeling that they are in familiar and relaxing surroundings.


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Some travellers use airport shopping as a way to express themselves to people around them. The kind of shops one enters and the things they buy becomes a symbol of how they would like the world to perceive them. Airport shopping becomes a mode of self-representation that helps travellers project their personalities to other travellers. Many a times, the shopping experience is simply used by people to fit into the modern and attractive commercial way of life.

Travel experience

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Travel itself is a major factor that motivates airport shopping, as being in a new place incites tourists to purchase something that represents that place, such as souvenirs. In other cases, travellers usually end up having a lot of time between flights, which leads them to do something to distract themselves from a sense of monotony or boredom. Using the last of their foreign currency before leaving the airport is also a motivator for travellers when it comes to airport shopping. Yet another major factor is gifting, and duty free shops have excellent options in every category from the best international brands. Loved ones eagerly look forward to the returning international traveller, with his/her arms laden with gifts, and the airport is a perfect place to satisfy every whim.

Now you know some of the reasons that explain the worldwide craze for airport shopping. So the next time you find yourself waiting at the Arrivals/Departures lounge of the Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore, don’t be surprised if you find yourself automatically walking towards Bengaluru Duty Free, looking forward to an enjoyable shopping experience. Make your duty free shopping a comfortable and leisurely experience by visiting Bengaluru Duty Free’s website, and browsing our extensive collection of liquors, chocolates, perfumes, cosmetics, and travel and fashion accessories and pre-ordering your favourites. You can collect your purchases conveniently at the Arrivals/Departures lounge of the Kempegowda International Airport. Happy shopping!




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