The best offers on the best brands that money can buy!

With endless deadlines to meet and the drab routines to follow, once in a while you do need an excuse to indulge your fine tastes and we are bringing you exactly that, with our exciting offers on exclusive and limited edition liquors, where you get to not only lose yourself in the heavenly, celebrated blends, but to do so while also saving a fortune! Go through our list to know more…

  1. The John Walker

Fashioned using some of the oldest Whiskies available, only 330 bottles of this marvel have been produced, making it incredibly rare and a must have on your collector’s shelf. The beautiful decanter is showcased in a lacquered cabinet that took 60 hours to build. It doesn’t get any more exquisite that this. The aroma of the Whisky is stunningly fresh, in spite of the age of the Whiskeys the blend contains. The palate holds rich fruit and vanilla notes. The absolutely breathtaking finish takes you to a wonderland of fruit and spice notes.

Indulge yourself in this priceless and exclusive blend and save a whopping $1,095 on your purchase at the Bangalore Duty Free Store, only this March. Head to


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  1. Rémy Martin Diamant

Matured for between 20 to 50 years, Rémy Martin’s Centaure De Diamant, is a delicate blend of eaux-de-vie from Grande and Petite Champagne. Revered as one of the 10% of Rémy’s most prized, all its blends are aged to perfection so they reveal their aromatic intensity and add to the splendour that is Centaure De Diamant. The decanter is impeccably refined and crafted with utmost elegance out of the purest glass. The poised lines and edges of the decanter bring out the image of a magnificent diamond, complementing the blend it holds superbly.  Get your’s now exclusively at The Bangalore Duty Free Store and save $351, only for the month of March, at


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  1. John Walker and Sons Odyssey

Three carefully selected Single Malts delicately blended together for a perfectly rich and indulgent Whisky. Crafted as a tribute to the epic personal journeys of Alexander Walker, the decanter also pays homage to the original decanter designed by Alexander Walker for his voyages at the sea. The exquisitely balanced taste of the Whisky reveals hints of orange, honey, caramel and a touch of salt. Enjoy this very rare and exceptionally smooth blend simply because depriving yourself of it would be cruelty.

Don’t forget to pre-order this limited edition blend at The Bangalore Duty Free Store and save $297, only for this month. Head to


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  1. Dalmore Ceti 30 YO

Aged for 23 years in American ex-bourbon white oak barrels and then kept a secret for a further seven years in Matusalem Oloroso Sherry Butts, the Dalmore Ceti comes a long way to achieve its magnificent perfection. Honey, vanilla and spice blend harmoniously and linger for an obscenely long time in the mouth and mind. Its got it all, from the brilliance of taste to elegance of the decanter, making it a must have for you.

Don’t wait too long before you get this limited edition rarity home. Save $585 on your purchase! Hurry, offer limited for this month only. Head to,  The Bangalore Duty Free Store.

dalmore ceti

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  1. Rémy Martin Louis XIII

Packaged in a stunning Baccarat decanter, The Louis XIII, is arguably Rémy Martin’s most prestigious, with it being a favourite of the Queen Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill, Elton John, etc, among others. The blend contains Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie and is matured for 40-100 years. This splendid Cognac, sometimes referred to as the King of Cognacs, derives its colour, scent and spiciness from a mixture of spirits 1200 and results in a heavenly combination of savoire-faire, art and patience.

Treat yourself to one by pre ordering this limited edition beauty exclusively from The Bangalore Duty Free Store, and saving a colossal $998 on your purchase, only this March at You wouldn’t want to miss this.


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*Offers valid until stocks last.


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