We’ve gone Simply Cheaper this Summer!

The summers are somewhat the definition of mixed feelings, what with the scorching heat and that perpetual urge to hit the bed at odd hours, coupled with some of the most amazing delights the year has to offer, like those long school breaks, quality family time, planned and unplanned vacations and mouth-watering treats with seasonal fruits.

As a special add on, to make you summers a happier time, we are bringing to you the Simply Cheaper month of April, where we have introduced enticing deals to satisfy your urges while going super easy on your pocket, all on our website which you can check out here, while we highlight some of our best offers for you below.

  1. Dalmore 12 YO


Let this incredible Malt make you tour the lush forests, taste the richest coffee and revel in the sweetness of candied fruit. Give yourself an experience like none other. The Dalmore 12 YO, is a perfectly balanced toasty, coffee-rich dram with wondrous spice notes and a beautifully thick mouth feel. The brilliant balance of fruity, sweet and dry of the blend comes from the one half that matures in American ex-bourbon casks for nine years before being delicately mixed in with the rest. This is a blend that you would return to over and over again. And we are making it simpler for you because this month the Dalmore 12 YO is Simply Cheaper at $66! Go ahead and give it a dekko here.

  1. Chivas Regal 12 YO


This exquisitely refined Whisky with standout notes of herbs, honey and fruit is an absolute favourite of the critics and Whisky fanatics alike. Coming to the nose with a creamy vanilla and hints of wood shavings the blend extends to the palate with notes of allspice, walnut and caramel, leading on to a brilliantly balanced and exceptionally smooth finish of light spice, some black pepper and a lingering cereal sweetness. A carefully and delicately matured drink, Chivas Regal makes for a perfect gift for all occasions. Pre order a bottle at $39 here.

  1. Davidoff Cool Water Woman EDT 100ml


This sensual, fresh and aquatic fragrance is the embodiment of the confident beauty that is a woman. Born of water and nurtured with all that is most iconic to the the elemental life giving component that is key to every aspect of our life, the fragrance is light, cool, beachy and stands out in a muted yet appreciable attitude. Ideal for summer. A perfect compliment with casual ethnic or formal wear, this reinforces your confidence like nothing else. This is a must try for all, because once you wear it, you will take to it like a second skin! Pre order it now from here at $39 or visit us at the Kempegowda International Airport and get one.

  1. Issey Miyake Nuit D’issey EDT 125ml


A heavenly woody and leather backed fragrance packaged in a bottle that couldn’t compliment it more. All that is masculine is in this one bottle. The black signifying the night, mystery and strength. This is a fragrance that can be worn at any time of the day and will couple well with any outfit. The one standout feature of this is that it wears very well, lasting very long and staying on with muted woody tones. Try it out for a scintillating effect. Get a bottle at $84 from our store or pre order here.

  1. Daim Minis Part Bag 1Kg


This is one sinful bag of delight, bursting at the seams with the all too exciting bars from one of the standouts of the world of chocolates. This is a bag that is a must have for any and everyone. Need any more persuasion? Its Simply Cheaper this summer too! Grab one of these soon at $32 from our website,  here.


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