Plan your dream trip this Miraculous May

The spirited and serene May is here bringing with it reasons galore to lighten your heart and mind. This is by far, the best period of the year for travel. But there are so many places to choose from, so many hobbies and cravings to satiate. What must you do? Where must you go? We are going to put a stop to your endless dilemma and give you a list of spectacular and entirely irresistible events and places you can go to and spend the month well.

 Here we go…


May 9th: Venice Biennale, Italy

Visitors looks at Ai Wei Wei's installation Bang at the German pavilion

A festival celebrating and showcasing a huge variety of contemporary art.  It has a plethora of nations participating and can easily be declared as the best Biennale worldwide. The already rich cultural and literary heritage of Venice is complemented at this festival with the greats from all contemporary art forms like cinema, theatre, dance and architecture congregating to give you one of the most enriching weekends you could hope to spend. This is an event every lover of contemporary art must visit. Book your passes soon!


May 10th:  The Spanish Grand Prix, Barcelona

spanish grand prix

For all those F1 freaks out there, the Spanish Grand Prix is here! One of the oldest and most revered of the F1 races, the Spanish Grand Prix takes place in the beautiful city of Barcelona. The city is flocked by thousands of fans who revere the sport and come down to see their idols in the flesh. This is truly worth a visit because here, it’s not just a race, it is a tradition. Another plus point is that once you are here, you can enjoy the myriad joys that the culturally rich city has to offer. Don’t forget to mark your calendar.


May 13th: Cannes International Film Festival, France


Something that you would want to witness at least once is the Cannes Film Festival. So, why not now, when you can? The annual spectacle is the world’s most famous film festival and is an invitation only gala. But you can visit the beautiful city of Cannes at this time of the year since the spirit of the festival is in the air itself. Catch a glimpse of your favourite actors and learn what films are worth a watch, Indian or foreign. The festival also screens documentaries and includes submissions from every possible genre, making it the world’s updated archive of the most celebrated talkies.

May 14th: Noosa International Food and Wine festival, Australia


Drawing the creme de la creme of the food and wine industry, this festival celebrates food the old school way. Visit for the time of your life, surrounded by food fanatics from every corner of the planet. You can attend wine master classes, food guide throughs, tastings and more, all while also enjoying the captivating beauty of the serene Shire of Noosa, which offers an array of pleasure sports as well as a quiet walk down a cool beach during the sunset, if you are in the mood for it. Calm your senses with the serenity while you treat your palate to the world’s greatest cuisines. What more can anyone wish for? Get packing!

May 15th: Manhattan Cocktail Classic, New York


Head to the most decadent and mighty celebration of the phenomenon that is a cocktail. This gala affords the participants an excuse to let go of all control and to lose themselves in the plethora of events weaving around the hero of the show. There are tastings, soirees, dinner parties, mixology classes, lectures and more. This is not just a festival. It’s a celebration par excellence. Visit to feed your thirst for knowledge about the cocktails as well as for trying out some of the most amazing cocktails you could come across. The gala attracts some of the most renowned names from the world of liquor. The one thing that is common between the participants is the boundless love that they hold for the Cocktail. You deserve to be there.

May 25th: Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling, England

cheese rolling

This totally bonkers event is nothing but an excuse to celebrate life. As the name suggests, the event is a contest that involves a rind of cheese being hurled from the Cooper’s hill top, after which hundreds of participants of diverse nationalities lunge. The one that finally manages to get hold of the cheese at the bottom of the Hill is declared the winner. This contest is much much more fun than it sound like. For one, you could actually participate and enjoy the sheer thrill of running down the slope of a hill after a rind of cheese! Or… you could simply stand at the sides and watch in awe as countless people let go of all inhibitions and give in to the chase! Either way, if you are there, this is fun unparalleled.


May 28th: White Nights, Russia


A festival during the nights of the midnight sky, this is designed to make you fall in love. The Russians put up an unparalleled show of arts, classic ballet, opera, music, comedy, fireworks and  is sprinkled with international stars of worldwide acclaim enthralling the audience with their impeccable performing skills. All these visual treats and more are performed  against a day lit sky, no matter the time, making it an incredibly memorable experience. Some say this is THE place to fall in love, with yourself, nature, arts and the world. Visit with all those you hold most dear. You won’t want anyone to miss this!

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