The Benefits of Eating Chocolate

Chocolate tastes like heaven in your mouth and that is probably enough reason to have the world’s most loved sweet treat on a regular basis. However, apart from its ability to give your taste buds absolute delight, chocolates also have great health properties. The perfect combination isn’t it?

So don’t feel guilty about your secret pleasure. Go for that next bite of delicious chocolate as it is packed with health perks.

 It’s good for the heart

Chocolate is known to have properties that help control blood pressure levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. Research shows that chocolate lowers the possibility of heart attacks as they help prevent blood clots from forming. A 2011 Swedish study has found that women who eat chocolate regularly have a 20 per cent less chance of a getting a stroke.


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Helps control your appetite

Chocolates have fibre content that fills you up enough to prevent excess eating. With your appetite in check, your calorie intake reduces and your overall health improves.

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It’s an instant mood booster

Obviously! They taste so amazingly good. No one can deny the superpowers chocolates have when it comes to raising your spirits. They are a great stress buster, which means they are pretty much your brain’s best friends.


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Great for a cough

If you have a cough that is hard to beat, then chocolate can help. Chocolate contains theobromine that helps reduce activity in a certain part of the brain known as vagus nerve– responsible for triggering coughing fits. If you are experiencing uncontrollable coughing, just pop in a chocolate.


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Cancer prevention powers                

Research studies have shown that a compound called Pentamer found in chocolate can stop cancer cells from spreading. Also the antioxidants in chocolates have properties that attack cell damage and prevent tumour growth.


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Improves blood flow

Chocolate has blood thinning and clot preventing properties that improve overall blood flow and circulation in the body. A 2008 study conducted by Harvard University showed that regular chocolate intake speeds up blood flow to the cerebral arteries.

chocolate flow

chocolate flow

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So you have all the reasons, now all you need is the chocolate! We can help you with that too. Head to and pre-order from our mouth watering collection of international chocolates from the world’s best chocolate makers. And if that isn’t enough, get them at great discounts and at duty free prices less than other duty free shops worldwide.


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