The Best Chocolate Festivals Around The World

A land full of chocolates is not a thing of dreams anymore. Not when you have annual festivals around the globe solely dedicated to the bliss that is chocolate. Go on and turn all your chocolate fantasies into reality. Get packing and visit the best chocolate festivals around the world.

The Chocolate Festival, London


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At this popular chocolate festival, you will be greeted by stalls and stalls worth of chocolaty goodies that range from simple classics to gourmet delights. Apart from eating these treats, you will learn the art of making them through classes conducted by renowned chocolatiers. You can also get yourself a chocolate face mask therapy and attend workshops on making cocoa butter based beauty products. Live music is also a feature of the chocolate festival that you will surely enjoy. Add this chocolate festival to your bucket list for that unforgettable chocolate experience.


Dates: December 4-6, 2015

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Chocolart, Germany


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The Germans love chocolate so it is no surprise that they are the hosts of one of the best chocolate festivals in the world. At the Chocolart Festival, visitors get to taste chocolates created by world class chocolatiers from around the globe. The entry to the festival is completely free and the varieties of chocolates are unending; this explains the large crowds always present at the festival. The festival also conducts classes on chocolate making and offers a unique chocolate massage experience.  If you are ready to completely lose yourself to chocolate, make your way to the Chocolart Festival. You won’t regret it.

Dates: December 1- 6, 2015

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Eurochocolate, Italy


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The largest chocolate festival in the world, the Eurochocolate festival takes place in the Italian city of Perugia. The best international brands of chocolates assemble at this festival. The festival boasts of everything chocolate, from cooking classes to sculpting competitions, and street side stalls that offer a continuous supply of free samples. Live music plays throughout the festival to create the perfect mood. On the last day of the festival, the Eurochocolate Awards Ceremony takes place where the best chocolatiers receive awards. Have you booked that plane ticket to Italy already?

Dates: October 16-25, 2015

Choco-late, Belgium

twee chocolade zwanen die het Choco-laté festival aankondigen

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Belgium loves chocolate and chocolate loves Belgium, and you can witness this historical love story by visiting the Choco-late Festival held in Brugge, Belgium. At the festival, visitors can take a trip through a chocolate museum (yes, that’s right), admire gorgeous chocolate art and sculptures, paint with chocolate (sadly, only for kids) and enjoy a mouthful of delicious, free chocolate samples. If you are the kinds that are not just satisfied with eating chocolates but would also love to drink it, then the chocolate beverage bar at the festival won’t disappoint you. Fall in love with chocolate all over again with a trip to Belgium’s Choco-late festival.

Dates: November 2015

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Las Vegas Chocolate Festival, USA


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Las Vegas also known as ‘Sin City; is that place on earth where life is a full blown party. Add an amazing chocolate festival to the list and there is no reason we can think of for not wanting to visit. The Las Vegas Chocolate Festival brings together the best talents in the sweet treat industry and gives visitors a chance to taste some of their oh-so delicious chocolate creations. To make it all even better there is a wide variety of wines and spirits to try along with the chocolates. Yes, this is everything you have ever been waiting for; don’t miss it for the world!

Dates: April 2016


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