TomTom sports watches are here to erase your exercise woes!

A mammoth tip for every fitness buff out there – get your hands on one of these super cool GPS sport watches from TomTom! These funky timepieces also double as your personal trainer, what with speed, distance, heart rate tracking and more! Take a look at this new line of watches from TomTom, that will have you craving for a few extra hours everyday!

TomTom Runner GPS Watch

The TomTom Runner GPS is a top of the line sports watch with smart features that let you track your performance when you go for a run outdoors or on the treadmill. Sitting snugly on your wrist, the sleek and lightweight Runner lets you monitor the distance you cover, your pace, average pace, stride length, calories burnt and lap times all in real-time. What’s more is that you can use the new and improved Bluetooth Smart support to sync the TomTom Runner with additional devices, like a heart rate strap, etc. It being waterproof, the watch can also be used in light rain or a few laps underwater. You can also put it on for a late evening run as the bright backlit screen keeps you updated on your progress. Take a look at the watch on our website here.

TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio GPS Watch

The Multi Sport Cardio GPS from TomTom brings a revolutionary addition in fitness trackers, with its first rate in-built heart rate monitor, saving athletes the additional hassle of strapping themselves to an external monitor for precise heart rate monitoring in real time. The monitor lets you train in your prefered heart rate zone, ranging from Easy to Sprint. The snug design and firmer grip of the watch makes it extremely comfortable to put on, without it feeling sticky or moving about too much while you are on the go. This watch also tracks specifications for cyclists and swimmers, taking it a few rungs higher than the Runner which only tracks runners. Take a look at the extremely impressive sports watch on our website here.

TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Watch

The Runner Cardio GPS Watch from TomTom will send you looking for the 25th hour, with its exquisite rugged and tough design and in-built heart rate monitor which allows you to track your pulse while you run. The watch also gives you a real time update of the distance you cover, your pace, average pace, stride length, calories burnt and lap times. The comfortable rubber strap holds it comfortably in place, making sure it is not restricting movement in any way. It also comes with an in-built alarm and vibration alert systems to give you that extra nudge incase you fall out of your pace or reach a goal. Train with this perfect training partner and challenge your own previous records. Take a look at it on our website here.

TomTom Multi Sport GPS Watch

With the Multi Sport GPS Watch, TomTom straps on your wrist an excellent GPS tracker that accurately measures your exercise while you run, cycle or swim. The watch comes with a user interface and features that are so user friendly, they are almost intuitive and will have you up and running in minutes. The Multi Sport GPS is a sturdy and sharp trainer to keep you company as a pedometer when working out indoors and as a tracker measuring distance covered, speed, calories burnt etc, when working outdoors. You can also customize your tracker by setting the right size of your swimming pool, the right size of your cycling wheel etc, to get the best, most accurate results. This is as accurate as it gets. Take a look at it here.

So why wait when you can get all this packed right into a funky watch? Go to our website, get one and get set to get fit! See all our watches from TomTom here.


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