September Getaways in India

While we are busy scanning the globe for a perfect vacation spot to ease our overly worked up nerves, we happen to ungraciously miss our own country, crammed with unique and stunningly picturesque spots, which are not only super easy to get to, but are very easy on the pocket!

So, for the month of September, we are giving you a list of desi spots you can pack your bags and head to…

  1. Lachen, Sikkim.
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    This little town sitting in the lap of nature, has recently been opened to tourists and has a lot to offer, and it almost entirely unexplored. Sate your adventurous streak with the challenging trekking tracks or nurture your spiritual side with a trip to the ancient Lachen Monastery, sitting atop the city. An ideal getaway with friends, family or solo!

  2. Coonoor, Tamil Nadu
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    A less populated and relatively quiet hill station overlooking the Nilgiris, Coonoor offers a wide variety of attractions, with its fantastic heritage hotels and guesthouses to the age old Sim’s Park, established in 1874, offering an array of eye pleasing plants and shrubs from all over the world and Dolphin’s Nose, from where you can glimpse an astonishing panoramic view of the city, among many others. Set off to this green haven for a calm and blissful break.

  3. Bundi, Rajasthan
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    Time travel was never so easy with this fantastical city that has been able to maintain its age old charm and aura. Bundi served as a battleground between the English and Rajputs for scores of years and the scars of battle are as fresh as can be. With its soaring castles and narrow roads bustling with colour and life, Bundi is the perfect place to revisit history while not being pelted with vehicles honking or tourists pushing on about you!

  4. Khandala, Maharashtra

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    Monsoons haven’t been too generous? Rush off to Khandala and enjoy the gorgeous rains in this absolutely captivating hill station. With an abundance of sightseeing points, you will never have a dull moment here. Add the twin city of Lonavala to your itinerary to make your vacation a little more adventurous and memorable!

  5. Kovalam, Kerala
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    With three breathtaking crescent beaches, Kovalam has developed from a quiet fishing village to Kerala’s most developed resorts. The most sought after spot is the Lighthouse Beach which looks like it’s right out of a postcard! You can enjoy surfing on the dazzling waters here and take a few yoga sessions to energise your body and soul.

  6. Malvan, Maharashtra
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    One of the most intact and tourist free beaches of the state, Malavan offers a wealth of scenic beauty as well as being a paradise for foodies, with its absolutely delicious Malavani cuisine ubiquitously found, with scatterings of every other cuisine that you would like to try with the magical addition of fresh sea food. Head off, for a calm and indulgent getaway.

  7. Gokarna, Karnataka
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    Gokarna is the embodiment of lazy Sundays, where you can take a walk in the stunning scenic beauty of the place or laze around on the beaches with very few people around you. Gokarna is also populated with a large number of beautifully architectured temples, with signature South Asian carvings and sculptures which serve as a huge attraction to visitors and locals alike.

With these impeccable destinations to explore, would you rather still take a trip abroad?

Okay… enough with the reading, get up and packing for your super fun trip!


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