Things to consider before buying a Camera

If you’re an aspiring photographer without a camera, who dreams about capturing the beauty around you into a single snap, then we have some tips that you need to take into account before you buy a camera.

A wide range of cameras are now available in the market, each claiming to be better than the other and it can get extremely confusing to make the right choice.


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We hope these tips will help you decide.

1. Image sensors

The image sensor is what captures the light from the object being shot. The two main sensor sizes are Micro Four Thirds and APS-C. The smaller of the two, Micro Four Thirds sensor is ideal for portability, but usually compromises on some picture quality. The larger APS-C sensor on the other hand, will add bulk, but can provide better image quality and low-light shooting. Along with size, you have to consider megapixels, or the number of pixels the sensor can capture. A rule that applies to any camera? The more the megapixels, the better.

2. Lenses


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One of the prominent USPs of hybrid cameras are interchangeable lenses. You could get lenses for close, wide-angle, distance and other types of shots. One thing you cannot miss out on is, to find out if your lenses are compatible with your camera before you buy. Micro Four Thirds cameras generally have the largest variety of options. You’ll find everything from high-end Leica DG lenses to inexpensive Holga lenses if you explore enough options.

3. Manual Settings

Both professional and amateur photographers know the power of manual camera settings. You can tweak your camera for exposure, depth of field, shutter speed and much more to get the perfect shot. If you need fast setting changes, you want a camera that makes it easy. Although, other cameras might bury crucial settings away where they’re harder to access.

4. The Viewfinder


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Most hybrid cameras use LCD but OLED screens, which are thinner and brighter outdoors. The electronic viewfinder shows you what you are shooting. Many hybrid cameras come with two viewfinders which give you the authenticity of shooting through a DSLR.

5. Cost

Finding your perfect camera takes quite a lot of work. With a wide range of price points and features to choose from, you have a task at hand. But our suggestion is, don’t worry about the price so much unless you have all your requirements in place and have a couple of options to choose from, that is when the cost should play its part. If you’re just getting into photography, don’t go for a high-end model, a mid-range one would work just as well. If you are a pro looking for a new camera to buy, then there are high-end models which offer various features such as splash proof, water proof,  dust-resistant body,  fast shutter speed for action shots, Wi-Fi and tilting touch-screen LCD viewfinder.


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In the end, buying a camera is a very personal choice and has everything to do with your requirement. But to make things easier for you, you could choose from our selection of the most recommended cameras:


Christmas is better with Bengaluru Duty Free

The anticipation of Christmas always goes hand in hand with choosing gifts for your loved ones. Christmas gifts are a favourite tradition of many families and they don’t just create a holiday mood, but also help in expressing your gratitude and love to people that are important to you. We at Bengaluru Duty Free pursue the Christmas spirit earnestly and certainly believe and support the concept of gifting. Here a few stocking stuffing ideas.


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A December To Remember

December, being the last month of the year outlines the culmination of all dreams, goals and new year resolutions for most people. It’s that time of the year when people look back into their lives and think of ways to change themselves in the following year. It is the month that provokes some form of reminiscence and reflecting back.

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Places to visit this Winter Vacation

Is Winter that time of the year where you dread getting out of the house because of the bone-chilling temperature? Is it also that time where you get into a monotonous routine of curling up in your blanket, sipping on tea and binging on comfort food while trying to warm the dampness of your bed? If your answer to all these questions was yes, fret not, we have just the solution for you. You need not spend your Winter vacation in bed, you can travel to any of these exciting destinations that will most certainly warm you up this Winter:

  1. Relaxing at a beach in South Africa


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For some strange reason, during the colder months, most of us fantasize about hitting a beach somewhere in a remote land. Guess what, you can convert these dreams into reality this Winter by sunbathing at one of the clean, white sand beaches in Cape Town, South Africa. There are quite a few spots in South Africa that will take you back to the Summers and have you escape the dreaded cold weather.

  1.    Mountain climbing in Australia


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There are more than just a couple of reasons why Australia is our favourite spot for the Winter. One – when the Winter is hitting the Northern hemisphere, things are heating up down under. Second – Australia is also home to dense forests, lush gardens and dozens of hiking trails. If you have adventure in your blood, then you must climb up to one of the many sandstone formations. If you’re not much of a hiker, don’t worry, there are also cable cars for the vertigo-stricken.

  1.   Sea-cruising through Greece


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Something absolutely mind-blowing about Greece are perhaps the tiny Greek isles that are breathtakingly alluring. You can hit the beach and have a mini picnic or you could cruise through the beauty of the multiple beaches and islands that are part of the Greek bounty and the Greek food will also leave you with a genuine Summer feeling.

  1.   Tango Dancing in Argentina


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You can immerse yourself in any of the various attractions in Argentina but our special recommendation is that you visit Argentina and learn the sensual Tango dance from one of the milongas (a centre for Tango learning and dancing) or you can just stroll through the sidewalk and find some enthusiastic dancers displaying their Tango skills.

  1.  Hiking in Costa Rica


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A place with true diversity when it comes to having a variety of terrains is without a doubt, Costa Rica!  From vibrant rainforests, diverse wildlife, clean beaches and an easy going culture. Everything about Costa Rica screams “Vacation” and if you visit this destination you’ll know why. If it is adventure you seek, hiking through these dense rain forests will give you a taste of it.

  1.   Exploring temples in Cambodia


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If you are fascinated by historical monuments and temples with an intriguing mythological background, then Cambodia is the place for you this Winter. You could pay a visit to the largest temple complex in the world, Angkor Wat or take a trip to the biosphere reserve that is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. There is a lot to do in Cambodia if you’re a real explorer.

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