Journey of Chocolate

That smooth finesse, the miraculous taste of delight, the perfect mood lifter… you could go on and on and never be able to praise chocolate enough.

But worshipers of chocolate, did you know the long journey that chocolate has to go through to finally make that blissful bite of divine deliciousness?

Once you’ve read this, you will appreciate chocolate a tad bit more.

Akosua Boadu harvesting, on her farm in village of Amankwaatia

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The journey starts with Harvesting.
Although the technique of harvesting cocoa pods in today’s time are all fairly technical, all of the magic of chocolate isn’t lost. The pods are carefully picked, making sure that the rest of the tree isn’t disturbed. They are then slit after which the beans and the pulp are both fermented.


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Once harvested, the beans are cleaned and Roasted.
The chocolatier roasts the beans, and they are crushed to retrieve the ‘nib’. These nibs are then processed, to bring them down to the two main components of the cocoa mass, the cocoa solid, or cocoa powder, and cocoa butter.


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The cocoa mass is then combined with sugar and milk and Conched.
Varied amounts of milk and sugar are combined with the chocolate liquor to give it its luscious depth. The mixture is then cooled down and conched. Conching is a process where chocolate liquor, milk and sugar are mixed in a large tank, to give the chocolate its smoothness.
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Once the chocolate is conched, it needs to be Tempered.
The tempering process usually involves controlled speeds of mixing the chocolate, so that it is thoroughly aired, consistent throughout and will dry hard and then cooling the chocolate under monitored temperatures.

So you know now that the bar of chocolate you so dearly hold, has a lot of work put into it. Worth the end result, don’t you think?

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