What to Eat this Month!

With the mercury levels rising to new highs every day, we thought you might want a little advice on how to eat your fill, without feeling all bloated and blah. Make way for vibrant salads, fruity desserts and creamy froyos, best eaten al fresco!

Fruit it up!

Gorge on the beautiful fresh seasonal fruits and pump up on your vitamins and fibre! Try out recipes using fresh fruits that will keep you full while also satiating your craving for different flavours!

What you can make:

1. Fruit induced popsicles – A joy for kids and adults!


Image Source: http://goo.gl/rZ8w7e


2. Fresh fruit salads – Amp these up with exciting combinations!


Image Source: http://goo.gl/OjPD5k


3. Tropical fruit frozen tart – Because they taste just as good as they look!


Image Source: http://goo.gl/s0uErP


4. Grilled fruit sandwiches- Relish these delish treats!


Image Source: http://goo.gl/T7vqKV


Veggies for the win!

Summers are the best season to relish veggies and leafy greens that make for some sumptuous salads and starters to your meals, as well as super satisfying mains! Vegetables give you the vitamins that your body needs as well as keeps your energy levels high while making you feel full but light!

What you can make:

1. Salads of your choice – drizzle over your favourite dressings to make them taste even yummier!


Image Source: http://goo.gl/pKIvRV


2. One-Pot dinners – Whip up finger- licking stews, soups and one- pot meals with the vegetables of your choice!


Image Source: http://goo.gl/6aTmi


3. Roast Dinners – These never go out of fashion, and summers are a good time to give your dinners a light roast!


Image Source: http://goo.gl/gufWpH


Dare to Diary!

People wonder whether it’s a good time to be lavish with diary products, but some of the things you must absolutely have during these scorching months are diary products! You’ll keep your calcium levels high and feel light and cool!

What you can make:

1. Bakes veggies and cheese – Your kids would not mind veggies when they come with a delicious dribble of cheese all over them!


Image Source: http://goo.gl/Y82iZo


2. Cottage cheese salads or sandwiches – A two minute delicious snack for those small pangs of hunger!


Image Source: http://goo.gl/YVfh2C


3. Frozen yogurt pops – Make a yogurt version of ice cream with fruit infusions of your choice! Or you could even melt your favourite brand of chocolate (we bet you can find it in the ‘chocolates’ section on our website!) and blend it in for some extra indulgence! YUM!


Image Source: http://goo.gl/x4YVQY


So now that you’re all caught up, get going and attack your kitchen to get your plate full with some of these yummilicious delights.

For those of you who missed out last blog post – we did an article on some fabulous summer drinks to make that can help you beat the heat. If you’re traveling, don’t forget to visit Bengaluru Duty Free – we have a wide range of liquor at some great discounts that could help whip up some signature summer cocktails! Or you could even pre-order through our website!

Happy Summer!










What You should Drink This Month!

One of the most important things one must do during these scorching summer months is to keep oneself amply hydrated. Although water is an absolute must, a little variety for the tastebuds doesn’t hurt does it?

Whip up some fabulous drinks for yourself and your family this summer, so you can feel fresh, light and hydrated throughout!

Infuse, refresh, repeat!

Infusing the water that you drink on a regular basis can not only give your taste buds  pleasant surprise, but also amp up your nutrient intake. Infusing and chilling your water before you drink it, can make summers a lot more bearable (and tasty!).

What you can make:

Fruit infused water– Infuse water with your choice of fruits.


Image source: https://goo.gl/dheHYr

Cucumber infused water- This combination is an instant relaxation potion!

Fruit water in glass pitcher

Image source: http://goo.gl/CR4PiW

● Lemon and mint infused water- The tangy taste of lemon coupled with the fragrance of mint will lift your spirits in a jiffy!


Image source: http://goo.gl/jc2esi

Rose petals infused water- Relish this fragrant and healthy combination!


Image source: http://goo.gl/oF4q14

Smoothies and juices are back!

Fruits and vegetables can sometimes be a no-no when it comes to children (and even some adults)! But a foolproof way to make sure your family gets the required dose of vitamins and other nutrients, is to make a super tasty, irresistible smoothie!

What you can make:

Fruit smoothie with herbs- Make a whole fruit smoothie with your choice of fruit and add a dash of cilantro or mint to give it that kick! 5

Image source: https://goo.gl/Sp8hfp

Fruit combo smoothie- Experiment with different fruits!


Image source: http://goo.gl/6f1N5k

Veggie and fruit smoothie– tuck in a little carrot or beetroot in your fruit smoothie for a healthy and tasty drink!


Image source: http://goo.gl/88T686

Mocktails- experiment with different juices and some soda (if you like ‘em fizzy).


Image source: https://goo.gl/2iav45

Shake it up!

Shakes have always been a summer staple and for a good reason! Keep up the tradition and blend in some milk with goodies to make super yummy shakes in no time.

What you can make:

Iced cold coffee – This really requires no introduction. This. Is. A. Must.


Image source: http://goo.gl/k4zHG6

Chocolate shake – Because you do need a slice of heaven now and again.


Image source: http://goo.gl/ukPbF6

Cocktails all the way!

Do you really need an excuse for grabbing another cocktail? We’ll give you one anyway- its summer! Go ahead and calm your senses down with delish cocktails you can make yourself!

What you can make:

Margarita – enjoy the summer the classic way! Visit our ‘Tequilas’ section on our website for some of the world’s best tequilas to add to your Margarita!


Image source: http://goo.gl/tKtDvR

Sangria – a fruity punch to pack some more flavour to your drink. You can find some of your favourite red wines on our website to add to this summer cocktail!


Image source: http://goo.gl/Vb1lJc

Mojito – the familiar favourite works wonders on a sizzling hot day! Check out some of the best international brand of rums here!


Image source: http://goo.gl/AaQpZW

Still reading? Go and get started on a super cool drink to ward off the heat! And in case you’d simply rather just go for one of your favourite original poisons instead – you can always visit the the ‘Spirits and Wines‘ section on www.bengalurudutyfree.in  – we’ve got some great offers going strong!