6 Beer Apps for Beer-Lovers!

From sound advice on what beer would go best with a meal, to locating a craft brewery serving that special wheat barley ale you’ve wanted to try, to a review of which establishments have the best cheese burgers and wings to go with those beers to helping plan a beer-sampling road trip –  this helpful round up of apps never fail to up the enjoyment level of your beer-drinking experience.

1. Untappd

1. Untappd

Image source: http://goo.gl/jxBdtk


Platforms: iOS, Android
Developer: Untappd LLC
Price: Free

Often termed as the ‘Facebook’ of the beer-drinking world, this free social media app allows you to add friends and log and rate the beers you drink. Add a Wish List for those beers you’re eager to try. And once you start logging your drinks, Untappd will provide suggestions of new brews to provide some diversity in your beer drinking.

You can even earn badges and awards for drinking and add friends, toast and comment on their drinks, and take pictures of your brew to share with others.

Once you start building a backlog of beers you’ve enjoyed, you can start using it as a reference for later. When you walk into your local bar or bottling shop, you can quickly scan how you’ve graded past beers or even take a glance at your Wish List for those beers you’ve been wanting to try.

The only con? It doesn’t offer bottle barcode scanning, which makes the process of manual entering a bit of a pain.

Find this app on Google Play or on the App Store now!

2. Brewery Passport

Brewery Passport

Image Source: http://goo.gl/VQXTaH

Platforms: iOS, Android
Developer: BakBurner Digital, LLC © 2016 BakBurner Digital, LLC
Price: Free

Brewery Passport is a fantastic way to find local craft beer in unfamiliar areas or to plan and chart out brewery visits when touring a new city. It’s “Find Breweries Nearby” feature brings up a list of breweries within a 50 mile radius of your current location. You can also search on a map or by specific location. Not only does this app allow you to keep track of your visits, take notes on the beers drank, and rate the brewery,  it also keeps all of this information in your personal brewery passport that you can revisit at a later date or share with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Find this app on Google Play or on the App Store now!

3. Next Glass

2. Next Glass

Image Source: http://goo.gl/0ggEll

Platforms: iOS, Android
Developer: Next Glass, Inc. © Next Glass, Inc.
Price: Free

The story goes that a bad wine recommendation led to the creation of Next Glass, an app that predicts whether that next wine or beer you buy will taste good to you.

The free app, learns your taste profile as you rate wines and beers, a feature which comes in extremely handy when you shop – for you can use the app to scan new bottles that you might want to buy. Next Glass displays ratings for you and friends who use the app, and you also get a calorie count.

After you download the app, you rate some wines or beers that you like and dislike. The app will use that to compare to its “Genomic Cellar,” a growing database of more than 23,000 bottles of wine and beer. Each one is analyzed at the molecular level to create a taste DNA. When you use the app to scan a wine or beer label, the app predicts your compatibility within 96% accuracy!

Find this app on Google Play or on the App Store now!

4. TapHunter 

3. Tap Hunter

Image Source: http://goo.gl/o0WfgP

Platforms: iOS, Android
Developer: TapHunter, Inc © 2009-2016 TapHunter, Inc
Price: Free

TapHunter is two things: it’s an industry tool for bar and restaurant owners & a consumer-facing mobile app for beer, spirit and cocktail lovers!

For the beverage industry, TapHunter provides on-and off-premise accounts with time- and money-saving tools that automatically updates beverage inventory on social media channels, websites, print menus and digital displays. This exposure empowers users by helping transform beer, spirits, and cocktail menus into valuable revenue producers.

Tap Hunter allows users to find local bars that serve craft beers, and tells users exactly what they will find on tap when they get there. Users can also search by beer and find out where it is being served near them.

Find this app on Google Play or on the App Store now!

5. Elixr


Image Source: http://goo.gl/0Al5p2

Platforms: iOS, Android
Developer: ELIXR LLC Copyright © Elixr 2015
Price: Free

Elixr is the Instagram of drinks. By listing drinks instead of bars and restaurants, this app delivers a slew of photos into one’s feed, organizing everything into clean listings that are easy to scroll through.

The whole app revolves around specific drinks, allowing users to check in with their individual beverage. Simply put, instead of checking in at a certain bar, you’ll check in with the specific beer you’re drinking. The app even has a geolocation map of nearby bars, which can help users find the beer bar that has the type of brew they like. Even though this one isn’t strictly all about finding the best beer or wine around, you can definitely still use it to

Elixr doesn’t deal exclusively with beer, as it offers such info on all sorts of drinks, but its beer community is quite dedicated.

Find this app on Google Play or on the App Store now!

6.Brewery Map


Image Source: http://goo.gl/ECdpoe

Platforms: iOS, Android
Developer: SteadyServ Technologies © 2011 – 2015 SteadyServ Technologies
Price: 3.99$

This app is basically an interactive beer-tinerary for the best road trip of your life. It costs $3.99, but passionate beer lovers may find it worth the money. Enjoy 100% of your beery journey with a customized brewery road-trip itinerary. Plug in your location and your destination, and this nifty software uses crowdsourced map data to help you hit every brewery between here and there. Users can search based on three categories: location, road trip and brewery, and the app will serve up relevant info.

Find this app on Google Play or on the App Store now!

We’re sure all this talk about beer has definitely sparked off a raging alcohol craving in you already! So while you’re getting down to downloading your favourite beer app – why not quickly visit our fabulous range of the world’s best liquor only at www.bengalurudutyfree.in? You know what they say – “Keep Calm and Drink Up!”
















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