Glenmorangie – Unnecessarily Well Made

No one carries the magic of the Single Malt quite like Glenmorangie. Sheer romance in vanilla and citrusy fruitiness and the top of the line in both smoothness and complexity, this Whisky fascinates the world all over yet, can always traced back to the foggy glens of Scotland.

Here’s raising a glass to one of the best that the world of Whisky has known – Glenmorangie.


The Glenmorangie Original, Ten Years Old (Image Source:


Glenmorangie Distillery has been known for producing the finest Single Highland malt Scotch Whisky since 1843. But how exactly does Glenmorangie manage to keep it’s promise of quality, year after year?

Firstly, they employ a very high-quality, low-production process that ensures that the Whisky is as good as it can possibly be. It starts with a rigid specification for malted barley. Being the only distillery in Scotland to have hard mineral water, they also very jealously guard their water supply.


The Glenmorangie Distillery, Tain, Scotland (Image Source:


Glenmorangie’s painstaking Whisky-making process involves a series of steps right from mashing and fermenting to distilling and maturation, all eventually culminating in a dram of this wonderful single malt.  Furthermore, their stills are the tallest in Scotland. Their long copper necks stand at 5.14 metres (16ft 10 1/4 inches), the same height as a fully grown adult giraffe. This means that only the very lightest and purest vapours thereby giving the Whisky great delicacy and finesse. A tall still acts like a filter, and its pear shape makes the spirit seem almost perfumed. However, the fact that the Whisky is so delicate means that it will ruthlessly expose even the oddest of flavours, hence the entire process of distillation has to carried out very carefully and with extreme precision.


Copper stills, inside the Glenmorangie Distillery (Image Source:


While perfectly good Whisky can be made using standard ex-bourbon barrels, Glenmorangie insists on barrels that are according to their own unique specifications. They are the only distillery that takes so long – roughly eight to 10 years from the tree first being cut down to the first filling of spirit at Glenmorangie.


At Glenmorangie, only the finest oak casks are used for Whisky maturation.                                      (Image Source:


They also hand-select the wood – tight-grained oak, with a small growth pattern, since this particular  type of wood has a more porous structure. Normally, when the tree is cut down, it is sent to the sawmill and then dried. It usually takes eight weeks from the tree being felled to the first filling of American bourbon Whisky. According to Dr. William Lumsden, the director of distilling and Whisky creation at the Glenmorangie Distillery, Scotland, this is a very short time, and he would actually prefer having his wood cut at the sawmill and then have the wood season in the open air for a minimum of two years, often three.


Rows of fine oak barrels, filled with Whisky, waiting to mature.                                      (Image Source:


Barrels are then filled with American Whisky for four years to take the final bit of woodiness out. Only then does it finally come to Glenmorangie for eight to nine years.

But that’s not all. They then only use each one twice for Original (whilst many others use theirs up to five or six times), ensuring that the maximum amount of flavour is always extracted during maturation thus delivering a rounder, smoother taste.

Having pioneered extra maturation over 20 years ago, their Whisky creators continue to travel the world in their search for exceptional casks, simply because it is the casks that will provide additional, intriguing layers of flavours to the original character of Glenmorangie.


Discarded barrels, outside the Glenmorangie Distillery (Image Source:


Over 170 years of producing Whisky on the same plot of land in the rolling highlands just outside Tain. Twenty-six craftsmen using water from the nearby Tarlogie Springs, the finest barley grown in the area, and the tallest stills in all of Scotland. Ten full years of maturation in first-and-second-fill white oak casks.

last one

The Men of Tain, 1703 (Image Source:


Creating Scotland’s best selling Whisky is, more than anything, about the timing and the location. It’s all about taking things slow and steady, and doing them right, with pride. That’s how one achieves that truly unmatched balance and depth. That’s how one develops a taste so smooth and rich. That’s how one makes a single malt worthy of its name, its heritage and one’s glass.

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