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24 hour layover at Bangalore? Don’t be a tourist. Here’s 6 unique things to do!

You just landed in Bangalore or you will in the near future. There are thousands of tourist sites you can check out when in Bangalore but if you wish to truly experience the city in a day, here’s our recommended list of things to help achieve that.

  1. Experience Art at NGMA
    It will take you an hour to enter the heart of the city and as you do, it will get louder. We recommend your first stop be the National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru. While there are bigger, more mainstream galleries in Bangalore, NGMA gives you curated art in a scenic, green location, efficiently filtering out the noise of the city, and a delicious choice of quick meals with fresh drinks. Recuperate from your long flight surrounded with art, under the thick canopy of trees.

    National gallery of modern art, bangalore

  2. Meditate at Mahabodhi Society
    Three kilometres drive from NGMA to Gandhinagar will bring you to the Mahabodhi Society. The monastic training and meditation centre welcomes everyone to experience the calm, happiness and joy of your present moment.

    Mahabodhi Society Bangalore

  3. Shop at Commercial Street
    If you are looking to pick up something ethnic, local and artisan, Commercial Street should be your next destination. A crowded maze of lanes with infinite options for all ages, Commercial Street will be your best choice for silks, shoes, apparels and accessories.

    Commercial street bangalore

  1. Eat local delicacies at Thindhi Beedi
    As evening sets in, make your way to Thindi Beedi (Food Street) in Vishweshwarapura. This street is considered to be paradise for street food lovers. There are over 15 outlets serving a variety of local dishes. Enjoy and indulge!

    food street, vv puram

  2. Browse at Blossoms Book House
    The oldest book store of Bangalore, three floors of closely and tightly stacked used and new books will await you. From every genre in fiction and non-fiction, Blossoms is a mini-Narnia tucked away in Church Street where you can the most unlikely literary treasures. Be prepared to spend hours browsing.


    Times of India

  1. Relax at UB City
    If you were able to restrict yourself to just a snack or two at Thindi Beedi or if the shopping at Commercial Street drained you out, end your perfect day in the Garden City relaxing in the open air terraces at UB City. From an amphitheatre that hosts live music, a rooftop lounge, the best dining options, dessert bars and even a spa, UB City is the best way to wind down and get ready for your trip back to the airport.


    UB City

Back at the Airport

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Make your stop at Bengaluru feel like a mini vacation! Bon Voyage!