Bid farewell to 2016 with our favourite “must-try” best-selling picks this year!

2016 is over. Celebrate the good, bad and everything yet to come with a purchase that makes a difference to you. Here’s our staff’s recommended buys to mark a new beginning.

1. Absolut Citron
Absolut Citron is made exclusively from natural ingredients. It is distilled from fermented wheat and gives you a smooth, fruity taste. Absolut Citron is the perfect choice of Vodka for those who love lemony flavour and are looking for a fresh, refreshing taste. This bottle of zesty lime flavours can be used to create a wide variety of Martinis and Cosmopolitan cocktails. Here’s a list of 30+ Recipes for Absolut Citron. Available at Bangalore Duty Free at best retail price.


2. Grey Goose
World favourite wheat-distilled Vodka, Grey Goose boasts a 5 stage distillation process that focuses on developing the character of the spirit rather than just the act of purification. The taste of Grey Goose is a gentle mix of buttered popcorn, anise, black pepper and liquorice. This Vodka is for those looking for a smooth base to create delicious cocktails with many engaging flavours. Here are 16 lip-smacking, easy to create Grey Goose drinks! Pick it up at Bangalore Duty Free or pre-order now to avail our offers!


3. Chivas Regal 18 YO
A blend of over 20 of Scotland’s rarest Single Malt Whiskies, Chivas Regal 18 YO boasts strength and elegance balanced in harmony. With an intense dark amber appearance; rich, indulgent multi-layered aromas of dried fruits, buttery toffee and dark chocolate. This bottle of Chivas Regal yields to elegant floral notes and a wisp of sweet, mellow smokiness. Purchase your bottle at our stores or pre-order now to avail our exclusive offers!

Chivas Regal.jpg

4. Johnnie Walker Green Island
With rich, fruity sweetness, Johnnie Walker Island Green is perfect for those looking to explore the Malt Whiskies category. Marked with aromas of wood smoke, pepper and spice combined with layers of orchard fruit, vanilla and sandalwood, the new variety offers a greater influence of smoky maritime Malt Whisky. A duty-free exclusive, Johnnie Walker Island Green is solely available to travellers. Order in advance to avail our Christmas offer or pick it up from our store!


5. Bvlgari Rose Essentielle
Bvlgari Rose Essentielle is exclusively created for women who enjoy the aroma of exotic roses. Created from Turkish Rose and Rose Prelude, the fragrance also contains notes of blackberry, jasmine, sandalwood and patchouli. Perfect for warmer days, the signature perfume from Bvlgari caters to sophistication through fresh rose essences rather than heavy, overpowering fragrance. Pre-order now or pick up your bottle at our stores to get the best deal!


6. Paco Rabanne Olympea
The feminine equivalent to the Invictus from 2013, Olympea is inspired by an athletic spirit, competition, strength, dynamism and victory. Created as an ode to modern women, compared to Greek goddesses, the scent is composed of fresh, floral, aquatic and oriental essences with notes of sandalwood, cashmere and ambergris. Own this bottle of pure motivation at its best available price by pre-ordering at our website.



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