Confessions of a chocoholic

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Everyone knows Tom Hanks’ famous observation from Forrest Gump: ‘Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get’. Few things in this world can transport you to a place of sheer happiness as the sensation of delicious chocolate melting in your mouth. Chocolate is perfect for a hot day, a cold day, a rainy day, a boring day and any other day in between! People across all ages, genders, sexes, nationalities, ethnicities and other distinctions are united by their love for chocolate.

Being a chocoholic and an international traveller is an amazing combination. It means binging on chocolates of all flavours and textures from around the world. Around three months ago, I was waiting at the Departures lounge of the Kempegowda International Airport and decided to kill time by taking a stroll through the Bengaluru Duty Free store there. And was I in for a treat!

The Bengaluru Duty Free store has over 200 different varieties of chocolates from the most well known brands – under one roof! These scrumptious delicacies include Lindt, Guylian, Goldkenn. What more could a chocoholic like me ask for… I was in chocolate heaven! Since that time, I’ve made sure to visit Bengaluru Duty Free whenever I’m at the airport and try out chocolates I’d never get at retail stores, at ridiculously attractive prices.

Here are a few examples:


frey chocolates

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A well-known ‘made 100% in Switzerland’ chocolate, Frey is a delicate and mouth-watering combination of milk, cocoa and fruit/nut combinations. I am a Swiss chocolate fan and the offers at Bengaluru Duty free are surely tantalizing, to say the least. So if you’re looking for a great Swiss chocolate, visit and prepare yourself for the treat.


goldkenn goldbar

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Experience pure gold in a chocolate with Goldkenn. The Goldkenn Goldbar is one of my favourites and I’m sure, that of many other chocolate connoisseurs as well. It is not called ‘the precious Swiss chocolate’ for nothing! You can pre-order this sweet beauty at fantastic rates online. Simply visit and enjoy adding it to your cart.



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Lindt are the true pioneers of Swiss chocolate, having invented the ‘conching’ technique and thus becoming one of the first producers of milk chocolate that instantly melts in the mouth. Whether you try their assorted Napolitains or their Lindor Truffles or their Thins, there’s no doubt that the taste of Lindt will linger on your palate and memory long after you’ve savoured these chocolates. Pre-order them at



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This is not just my favourite but the world’s favourite Belgian chocolates. Guylian is famous for making chocolates with a sea motif, such as sea shells, sea horses, conch shells, etc. These decadent beauties not only look like works of art but melt in your mouth in a profusion of flavours. You can pre-order them for mouth-watering prices here:!


godiva chocolates

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Can you imagine life without the sun? Life without Godiva chocolates is as unimaginable as that! Be it dark, white, milk or kosher chocolates, Godiva is the one of the most incredibly delicious chocolates that you can savour. From gourmet truffles to fabulous ballotins to their nuts and caramel confections, Godiva is simply the gold standard in Belgian chocolates. These dainty delights can be pre-ordered at

So, the next time you are at the Kempegowda International Airport don’t forget to visit the Bengaluru Duty Free Store and indulge in exquisite chocolates to your heart’s content. Trust me, it is worth the visit!