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World Tourism Day (WTD) is held annually on 27 September.

Its purpose is to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value. The event seeks to address global challenges outlined in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and to highlight the contribution the tourism sector can make in reaching these goals.

Its almost the end of summer in Europe while we in India break annually for the festival of Dasara/Dusherra. If you taking a break with the family this month, you can enjoy the last few days of summer in Europe. Watch the seasons change from summer to fall. Soak in the sights and sounds and food and culture. Do not waste time shopping.

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Best Chocolate Museums around the World

A good museum continues to thrill you even after you can’t officially be called a child. The same holds true for chocolate as well! So, lovers of chocolate and museums, unite! We’re bringing you the list you’ve never seen before but always needed – the world’s most stunning chocolate museums! Grab a bar and get nibbling… er… reading.


1. Cadbury World, Birmingham, England


Image Source:

Cadbury World, South of Birmingham, tells the story of the Cadbury family and their chocolate business, from the first Easter egg to the construction of the Bournville garden village for factory workers – with free samples along the way.

Grab some Cadbury goodies, here.

  1. Maison Cailler, Broc, Switzerland


Image Source:

With the highest per capita consumption of chocolate in the world, it’s no surprise that Switzerland is on our list. There are heaps of chocolate factories open to visitors, including Maison Cailler in Broc, Gruyère, where you can discover how the good stuff is made. They even offer courses for budding chocolatiers.

Indulge in fine Swiss favourites, here.

3. Choco-Story, Bruges, Belgium


Image Source:

No visit to Bruges is complete without sampling a praline – or three – of finest Belgian chocolate. This museum caters to visitors in need of a bit of culture to accompany their daily fix of something chocolatey. It details the history of chocolate without overlooking the importance of tasting. It occupies a historic building on the corner of Sint-Jansplein.

Belgian goodies that will make you beg for more

  1. Museo del Chocolate, Havana, Cuba
Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Image Source:

Really a cafe with displays related to chocolate making and consumption, this ‘museum’ serves cups of delicious, thick, pure chocolate. Lining up in temperatures of 35 degrees celsius to drink cups of hot chocolate in an air-conditioned interior may seem odd, but it’s worth it.

5. Cologne Chocolate Museum, Germany


Image Source:

Cologne is home to the largest chocolate museum in the world, which sits in a enviable position on the Rhine’s left bank, near the city’s famous cathedral. Access to the museum is via a revolving bridge. A tour of this museum will take you through 3,000 years of chocolate history.

6. Hershey’s Chocolate World, Pennsylvania, USA


Image Source:

You can’t escape Hershey’s chocolate in the USA and this giant attraction is sure to sate the appetite of the company’s biggest fans – particularly children. Tour the factory and meet the Hershey’s ‘characters’ on a day out to this entertaining Pennsylvania landmark.

7. Museu de la Xocolata, Barcelona, Spain


Image Source:

If you like chocolate, Barcelona is the place for you. You can drink xocolata desfeta, chocolate thick enough to stand a spoon up in (great for dipping xurros into), see fantastic festive creations and eat unusual dishes such as chocolate with rabbit or squid. To find out how Barcelona’s love affair with chocolate began, visit the Museu de la Xocolata – which has some fantastically elaborate chocolate models on display.

8. Choco-Story Chocolate Museum, Prague, Czech Republic


Image Source:

This pretty Czech museum explores Europe’s love of chocolate and explains the history of the cultivation of the cocoa bean and how the chocolate making process made its way to Europe. Of course, there are lots of delicious samples available as well.

Alright then! Is that you drooling over the list? Finish your bar of chocolate and start planning the trip of your life to these delicious museums! We’d suggest you share this list with some fellow chocolate lovers as well, they’d want to tag along with you.

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Travel buddies you can’t do without!

Imagine this: for years, you have been planning that once in a lifetime trip to Norway to witness the supremely magnificent Aurora Borealis. You brave the Arctic wind chills for long hours and you are finally there, all excited to capture the long-anticipated Northern Lights, and just before you are able to get your best shot, your camera battery goes dead. Or imagine going to the US to attend your daughter’s graduation ceremony and instead of feeling fresh and energetic, you feel drained and jetlagged because you couldn’t sleep a wink during the flight.

Travel enthusiasts all around the world swear that it is the ‘little things’ that can go a long way in ruining your trip. These are lack of sleep, drained batteries, stomach bugs,  infections due to unhygienic restrooms, misplaced travel documents and luggage issues, to name a few.

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Sleep set 

Sleep Set

A good peaceful sleep is without question the most important factor that can make or break a day. A good sleep keeps you fresh, energized and active. Only if you are well rested can you feel kicked about bungee jumping in New Zealand or skiing in Alaska or deep sea diving in Malaysia.

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Toilet seat cover

toilet seat

A good restroom session in the morning can make your day pleasant. You can be in Cherrapunji, the wettest place on earth or be somewhere in Egypt literally sweating your pants off, but nothing can disrupt your mood if you have managed to get done with your morning routine conveniently. However, when travelling, it is not always possible to get access to a luxurious, hygienic restroom with your favourite magazines on the side shelf.

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Carry safe wallet


When travelling, international passengers need to carry important travel documents like passports, visas, permits, foreign currency, travel cards, hotel reservation documents, identity proofs, you name it.  Our world is still not the way John Lennon or Jaden Smith imagined it to be, so until somebody invents digitized passports and travel documents, you need to constantly ensure their safety when carrying them around.

The Travel Blue carry safe wallet is compact, with multiple sections to hide away your important documents and an ideal foil for the sharpest thieves you may encounter. Travel safe!

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Worldwide adaptor set

adaptor set

While travelling, we need gadgets to capture, record and share our experiences, not to mention those we need for our personal comforts. So that you continue going about your routine without any interruption while travelling, you need to keep charging your gadgets. A common mistake travellers often make is assuming that their chargers can be plugged in everywhere.

Fear not, the worldwide adaptor set, with its multiple pin attachments, is your one-stop solution for all your gadget woes.

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Combination strap

combination strap

A luggage bag is a reflection of your personality, a travel companion that tells stories of your travels. Many of us are emotionally attached to our carry bags. Despite this, identifying your bag from the tons of bags on the luggage belt can be a major task. Sometimes, the lock system of your bag may also get ripped while travelling. These are common situations many travellers find themselves in. If you don’t want that to happen to your luggage, order a Travel Blue Combination Strap today. It’s a unique solution that helps you to not just identify your bags but also to keep them safe.

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The power of Hello!


Image source:

Seasoned travellers would agree that if you try to speak just a few words with locals in their native language, you are sure to get special treatment! So, let’s start with the most basic conversation starter. Here’s how you say “Hello” in 50 different countries. Takes just five minutes to read and memorize and helps you be at ease around the world!

  1. Australia: Gi’day
  2. Albania: Tungjatjeta
  3. Armenia: Barev
  4. Belgium: Hallo
  5. Bosnia: Zdravo
  6. Brazil: Oi
  7. Bulgaria: Sdrawei
  8. Hong Kong: Néih hóu
  9. Cambodia:  Choum reap sor
  10. China: Ni hao
  11. Croatia: Bok
  12. Czech Republic: Ahoj
  13. Denmark: Hej
  14. France: Bonjour
  15. Finland: Hei
  16. Germany: Hallo
  17. Greece: Geia sas
  18. Hawaii: Aloha
  19. India: Namaste
  20. Indonesia: Halo juga
  21. Israel: Shalom
  22. Italy: Ciao
  23. Japan: Kon’nichiwa
  24. Jamaica: Wah gwaan
  25. Korea: Anyoung haseyo
  26. Lebanon: Marhaba
  27. Malaysia: Helo
  28. Mexico: Hola
  29. Nepal: Namaste
  30. New Zealand: Kia ora
  31. Norway: Hei
  32. Oman: Márhaba, ahlan
  33. Philippines: Kumusta
  34. Poland: Hej
  35. Portugal: Olá
  36. Qatar: Shlonik
  37. Russia: Zdravstvuyte
  38. Romania: Alo
  39. Spain: Hola
  40. Sri Lanka: Ayubuwan
  41. Sweden: Hallå
  42. Switzerland: Grertsi
  43. Tanzania: Jambo
  44. Thailand: Sawasdee
  45. Tibet: Tashi delek
  46. Turkey: Merhaba
  47. UAE: Asalam alaikum
  48. Ukraine: Zdrastuyte
  49. Vietnam: Xin chào
  50. Zimbabwe: Kanjan / Kanjani

Though all the words mean “Hello”, the sheer number of variations in the languages and dialects show how different and unexplored our world still is. So go ahead, pack your bags, travel the world and broaden your horizons but do come back home to shop at Bengaluru Duty Free or shop online at your convenience at

Happy travelling!




Top travel destinations for 2015

As the New Year approaches, it’s time to think of resolutions to make for the coming year. Among the various ways in which you plan to improve your perspective on life, travel deserves a prime place as nothing opens you up to new places, people, cultures,  stories,  food and experiences as travel can. No matter how well-travelled you are, the world is never short of destinations that will amaze you with their diversity, colour, history, traditions, flora and fauna, landscapes, architecture, food and drink. So come 2015, be prepared to pull up your socks, fill your travel bags and go out into the world.

Here are some of the most interesting places to check out in the coming year.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

bosnia & herzrgovina

Image source:

One of the most picturesque countries in the world and quite off the beaten path, Bosnia and Herzegovina charms you with timeless fixtures like Bascarsija (Old Town), the Sutjeska National Park which is one of Europe’s last primeval forests, the Bjelasnica mountain containing one of the most challenging ski trails in the country, the 14th century Trvdos monastery and the Kravica waterfalls, to name a few. There’s no dearth of lush green landscapes, unspoiled nature and incredible views in this scenic European countryside that changes at almost every turn.



Image source:

Turkey possesses an old world charm that takes you back to Arabian Nights stories you were told as a child. As you travel through Istanbul’s souks and spice trade market or make a trip to the Mausoleum at Harnicarnassus and the Temple of Artemis, the Seven Wonders of the World you get a magical glimpse into the past. If you are in an adventurous mood, you can witness the beautiful rock formations of Cappadoccia through hot air balloon rides, and if you are looking for a calm day of simple relaxation, then Turkey’s beautiful beaches won’t disappoint you.



Image source:

A beach lover’s paradise, Philippines is home to some of the best beaches in the world. Take a dip in the pristine blue waters of El Nido and Boracay and enjoy the warm sun at Puerto Galera and Pagudpud beaches. If you are looking to spend time at places that are less crowded and distant, then the exotic beaches of Zambales and Botolan are a good idea. The beautiful coral reefs at Philippines such as the ones at Tubbataha Reefs National Park make the country a great attraction for divers. Apart from the picturesque waters, Philippines is also home to exotic animals and birds, many of them endangered and only found within the country.



Image source:

Ireland is a land of magical scenery, temperamental climate and friendly people. Some of the most enchanting places to visit in Ireland include Kylemore Abbey, Connemara National Park, the capital city of Dublin, Slieve League, Gleniff Horseshoe, Mullaghmore Beach, Ashford Castle and to top it off, a random jaunt along the glorious Irish countryside.  Interesting activities you can do while in Ireland include angling and fishing, cycling, horse riding, golfing, shopping, walking and hiking, water sports, theatre and more.



Image source:

An island state that is part of Australia, Tasmania has recently gained a lot of attention as a destination worth visiting in the Oceania region. Tasmania can be described as nature at its best with its fresh clean air, natural wilderness, beautiful landscapes, friendly locals, picturesque walking/ hiking trails and some of the freshest food produce. Some of the popular attractions in Tasmania are the Salamanca Market at Hobart, Mt. Wellington, Freycinet National Park and Lake St. Clair.



Image source:

Nature unfolds at a colossal scale in Chile, a land of extremes, with its deserts, glacial fields, fertile valleys, volcanoes, ancient forests, clear rivers and fjords. In Chile, you can experience nature at every step, whether it is the sandy surface of the Atacama Desert or the deep blue lakes in Southern Chile. If you love hiking and treks, W Trek at Patagonia will not disappoint you and if the sea is your calling then you can head over to the exotic Easter Island and Robinson Crusoe Island and fall in love with the beauty and hospitable inhabitants.



Image source:

If you want to get an authentic taste of Middle Eastern culture, traditions and architecture, then Oman is the place to go. Travel through traditional villages and absorb a Middle Eastern way of life that is not engulfed by modernism. Walk through souks to explore the Arabian style of business. Learn about the Middle East’s rich past through a visit to its museums and world heritage sites like the Bahla Fort and Bat Tomb. Get involved in activities such as scuba diving, boating, desert safaris and camel rides. If you are a nature lover, there are lot of beaches, islands, mountains and deserts waiting to be explored.



Image source:

Nicaragua can be best described as a budget paradise that offers all the beauty and excitement that many other popular destinations offer, but at a much lower cost. This country in Central America offers everything from adventure, sightseeing, beaches, eco-tourism, and historical sites to a pumping and vibrant city life with its active bars, discotheques and eateries. Nicaragua has been gaining high popularity in recent years for its great value-for-money offerings.

So now that your 2015 travel list is ready, block your calendar, book your tickets, pack your bags and get going!

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The best Christmas destinations across the world

Christmas is a time for celebritions across the world, crossing cultures and traditions and imbuing people with  a joie de vivre that spreads long before the festival starts and lasts till New Year’s eve. Along with gifting and decorations, Christmas has spurred the growth of another industry: tourism. Multitudes specifically travel to destinations known for their fantastic Christmas celebrations and vibrant festive atmosphere, during December. Let us take a tour of some of the best places on the planet to be in during Christmastime.

New York City, New York

new york

Image source:

New York offers some of the best Christmas imagery you can appreciate, with finely pruned Christmas trees, holiday window displays, Christmas lights, carol singing, candy stands, roasted chestnuts, ice skating and more. One of the most impressive displays is the Rockefeller Christmas tree, a 69 – 100 foot Norway spruce that has been put up every year at the Rockefeller Center since 1933.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Image source:

Did you know that Santa Claus was introduced to the world by the Dutch, who call him Sinterklaas? The Dutch celebrate a two-part Christmas, once on December 5, Saint Nicholas’ Eve, and then again on December 25. So pretty much the whole of December, Amsterdam is ablaze with white lights, shopping avenues become inviting and people line up to skate on the frozen canals. Inside houses, children hang up boots near the fireplace on the evening of December 5, hoping they will be filled with sweets when they wake up next morning, families gather to exchange gifts as well as insulting poems (an old tradition!) and eat lavish holiday meals.

Cologne, Germany


Image source:

Though all of Germany comes alive with a classic Christmas vibe, Cologne stands out, with its eight different Christmas markets on both sides of the Rhine, the largest one located on the plaza in front of the city’s most iconic cathedral, the Kölner Dam. Sip a cup of hot glühwein, a spiced, mulled wine that warms the most stubborn Christmas chills, and walk along to the Weihnachtsmarkt at Roncalliplatz, in front of the cathedral. This market has 160 beautifully decorated stalls, the tallest Christmas tree in the Rhineland, cribs, merry-go-round attractions and an extraordinary variety of crafts.

Santa Claus, Indiana


Image source:,_Indiana

“America’s Christmas hometown” Santa Claus, Indiana lives up to its name by having a wide array of Santa-themed shops and attractions, including Santa’s Candy Castle, the Santa Claus Museum, and Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari and more attractions throughout the year.

Boston, Massachusetts


Image source:

Stroll around historic Boston and experience the traditional 18th Century New England Christmas celebrations. More than 2,800 gas lamps wash the city in a surreal white glow and the impressive Christmas tree in front of Fanueil Hall is the centerpiece of a bustling holiday scene. Enjoy a performance of The Nutcracker, one of Boston’s oldest traditions, or check out the Boston Christmas Craft Festival, the annual shopping extravaganza and gingerbread house competition at Boston’s World Trade Center. Finally, Boston Christmas celebrations are not complete without the Boston Pops Orchestra, featuring great classical and light popular music by renowned composers of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Rome, Italy


Image source:

Rome is a place where faith and tradition play a more serious role in Christmas as compared to most other parts of the world. Midnight Mass at the Parthenon is a spiritually uplifting event, in some people’s view, even more so than the one held in Vatican City. Visit the Piazza Navona Christmas Market for all kinds of Christmas sweets, toys, nativity figures, decorations and gifts. Saint Peter’s Square hosts a huge and beautiful Christmas tree, while the oldest permanent nativity scene in the world can be viewed at the Santa Maria Maggiore. Besides viewing the magnificent Christmas trees at Saint Peter’s Square, the Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum, you can view the beautiful lights dotting the ancient city, and skate from 10 pm to midnight at the outdoor skating rink near the Castel Sant’Angelo, among other interesting activities.

San Juan, Puerto Ricosan juan

Image source:

San Juan celebrates Christmas like a long-lasting carnival, complete with caroling and a grand Puerto Rican Christmas dinner of roast pork, patties, rice and beans and the traditional Christmas dessert of tembleque¸a custard with coconut, cornstarch, vanilla and cinnamon. Take in the sights of Old San Juan by walking the blue-tinged cobblestone streets, visit the sacred sites of the Capilla del Cristo and the sculpture of La Rogativa, attend the Misa del Gallo or Rooster’s Mass at the historic Catedral de San Juan, and get a taste of local culture by trying on a pava, a rustic straw hat that is associated with the jibaro culture of Puerto Rico.

Aspen, Colorado


Image source:

Aspen is more than a world famous ski resort; it is also known for great Christmas celebrations such as holiday music events, tasteful shopping streets and more. A do-not-miss event is The 12 Days of Aspen, promising visitors a full calendar of events, including concerts, ice skating, restaurant deals, yoga for skiers, free hot air balloon rides and more.

Paris, France


Image source:

The City of Light lives up to its reputation by decking itself in white light all through Christmas in the boulevards and shopping streets. Night time presents cheerful holiday scenes of ice skating revellers gliding along gracefully on a temporary rink beneath the glow of the Eiffel Tower. You can now actually ice skate on the Eiffel Tower’s first level! Enjoy a steaming Nutella crepe or roasted chestnuts from street vendors. In sum, the atmosphere of the city during Christmastime distinctly adds to its romantic legacy.

So pack your bags and travel to some of the best Christmas destinations across the world, and experience the season of joy afresh.