Bengaluru Duty Free presents: The Xbox One


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The Xbox One is Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s PS4. It features massive improvements over its predecessor, the Xbox 360. The One is more than just a gaming console; it is a holistic multimedia device with a fast and powerful interface, the ability to stream TV and video in a dual-screen format while playing games, Skype messaging, voice command operations, face recognition, and many more high-end features. However, the most impressive of these in this cutting-edge gaming device is the new Kinect, with 1080p camera and a very large field of view and the Windows 8 UI, among many other delightful features. This brand new gaming console from Microsoft is sure to be treasured by gamers.

The Xbox One is  available now for the first time in India, exclusively at Bengaluru Duty Free’s Sound & Vision – Arrivals store at the incredibly low price of $640 (approximately Rs. 38,000). Go grab yours today and prepare for a gaming experience beyond your wildest fantasies!